Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feminist Demand Respect

If someone demands something from you than you can be sure they're incapable of earning it. I have never once in my life heard a man demand respect from someone. The concept seems so alien and bizarre to the men I've met that the concept could never be considered. Respect, like trust, must be earned.

Let's talk about thieves, crooks, and any other type of people who sets out to deceive someone. If a thief sat down next to you on a bench and demanded that you trust him and hand over your money, would you? Even if you didn't know the person was a thief. Let's assume they dress nicely, look clean, and speak well. Would you now be willing fork over your wallet? Some people may but most would be highly suspicious of someone they barely knowing demanding money no matter how nicely they asked.

What do you think would happen if you started questioning the thief? The last thing he's going to do is admit he's a thief. He wants to talk about anything but stealing and theft. What he most likely wants is spin the blame onto you. "What you don't trust me?" By that question, he assumes that trust should be given to everyone all the time. He is also implying that you're the way not worth or willing to trust.

And the reason is simple. Trust is earned over time through continuous acts of trustful behavior. In other words trust is a consequence of action. By the thieves demand of trust he is implying that he cannot earn it because if he could earn your trust than he would. The same is true of respect. Respect is earned through continuous acts of accomplishment, achievement, and presentation. Respect is a form of love and admiration for another.

Now imagine a strange woman walks up to a man and demands that she fall in love with him. How absurd would that sound? Even if they slept together and got married there's little chance that either of them are going to love each other. Love doesn't work like that and they would only fall in love by chance.

What someone does gain from demanding respect is not respect but fear. There is a subtle threat of violence to someone demanding respect. Respect me or else! You can be sure that whenever someone demands something that cannot be given that they're doing it for one reason. They're incapable of achieving it and because respect can only be earned they will never have it. By their inability to earn respect they reveal both their inability to earn and their fear of not having it.

Demanding respect is as absurd as demanding love.

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