Monday, August 12, 2013

Goodbye Roosh

In his emotional breakdown Roosh says farewell to the manosphere. Sorta.

In a tirade that would fit right in with a feminist on her rag, Roosh remonstrates the manosphere for being too inclusive with women and "beta" males. He makes some vague allusions to the pacification of the manosphere for social acceptance while at the same time condemning the old neo-nazis who hate black. Apparently, his brand of anti-pc rhetoric is permissible but others isn't. Then he bids farewell to the manosphere and now everyone is supposed to feel some sense of loss.

Hopefully, he stays gone because he's actually helped very few men do anything. His game is weak because he's not aggressive enough. He has to approach hundreds of women to have sex because his game is so indirect that most women assume he's their new gay friend. He had trouble getting laid in Denmark which speaks a lot about his game. While I don't know dick about Denmark, this guy does: And he bashes Roosh as a loser PUA more intent on selling books than actually getting people laid. The sole reason is that Roosh doesn't get laid as much as he wants you to think. He's out to sell books and generate money from his websites and little more.

Chances are very high that Roosh's exit is hyperbole. He's not going anywhere. His mediocre existence is made bearable only by the attention he receives online and he's not going to leave that behind. There's also the fact that he earns money selling his bogus "how to be a girls new gay friend" books. There is almost no chance that his departure is permanent. Once his period is over (heavy flow this month) he'll be back writing worthless articles on game and making decent social commentary on feminism and the nature of women. So goodbye Roosh. For now.


  1. Yo man, thanks for mentioning my site.
    Yes, Roosh is a fucking scammer, as you point out his so called "game" and "advice" is more about "how to be an indirect gay friend" than how to get laid.
    He couldnt even get laid in Denmark, which is a fucking pussy paradise (ask me how I know ;-) )

    Good post. Lets hope he fucks off forever.

    1. Hey you're welcome. Love your site so it's no problem.

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  2. Just curious...on what basis do you say:

    " His game is weak because he's not aggressive enough. He has to approach hundreds of women to have sex because his game is so indirect that most women assume he's their new gay friend."

    Have you met him or seen women he's picked up?

    Same question for BT too, but based on his emotional reply I assume its just strategic jealousy. A side note, the very few in field video's on BT's site only show a few dreadfully plain girls. I was taken aback since he's a tall, athletic, assertive guy.

    Not hating at all, just pointing out the obvious... in the age of ubiquitous camera's claims without evidence or direct experience ring hollow. So do you have either?

    1. How many girls have roosh fucked? Compare that low number to the fact that he spends almost 100% of his life travelling around trying to get laid.
      The videos are just examples of what to do. I've fucked 9's and I've fucked 6's. They all turned me on. And even if only half of my girls have been what you call "HOT", thats still 75+ girls.

      Btw I dont understand half of your fancy words. If you need evidence go to my site.

  3. C'mon he's a good writer. From his stories he doesn't look like a mpua sure, but it's pretty honest stuff, doesn't seem exagerated at all