Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Manosphere Is Nihilistic and Depressed

They're still making scary posts on Return of Kings about how everything is hopeless and Gestapo feminists are waiting in the wings to castrate everyone. They're not.  I'm sick of it. I can only stand so much nihilism before I blow my brains out and I'm sure you're the same. The truth is that there really isn't much progressive nonsense outside of the media. Most people hate this crap. All of the men and women in my family do. My friends are the same. The world is already changing too much for most people - myself included - and they desire some stability.

After the transvestites get their way there will be no great cause to champion for the left. Eventually they'll turn to men's rights. The case against circumcision seems very strong from a leftist standpoint. "His body. His rights." It's also against religion which they love.

The progressives need to make progress continually. They're like lawmakers. Everyone wants to keep their job and feel important. Without the need for the seven billionth law to be passed then the lawmakers would be out of work. And all of the big battles have been won. The drumbeat of racial and female oppression doesn't hold the same tone as it did before. They'll beat that drum until the end of time but it's mostly background noise now. Nothing to pay attention to.

The jaded men of the manosphere have felt the salty fangs of women in more ways than one. Having dipped their pen into the corrosive ink their fonts type out the warning message to others. It is a trap. She doesn't love you. Yet the real trap is to glance skyward, to view the vast sea of space, and acknowledge the loneliness of its immense size - alone. Whoever teaches you to fear is the enemy. It is a pain you take with you wherever you go, project that darkness onto the brightest day, and make an eclipse of the sun.

Men fear impotency more than anything else. Not the flaccid penis but the hand which extends to their surroundings and yet builds nothing. They fear their own powerlessness, their inability to affect the world. Which is why nihilism is a desperate, hopeless trap. To believe that all of your toil and struggle are for nothing is the greatest suffering.

Fuck is a masculine term

The ck in fuck is a sound made deep in the throat and produces a rasping noise. In nature animals will mimic other animals to signal danger. Cats hiss like snakes and snakes are often dangerous. Curse words are a form of mimicry of danger. The words are often harsh sounding - guttural and predatory - as an attempt to mimic dangerous sounds.

Men curse more than women. Men also write in more masculine ways than women. Men prefer short words, often germanic words, with hard endings to them. Women prefer latin and soft sounding words. It's possible to tell the sex of a writer from the words they use with a high level of accuracy.