Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Advice For Men: Social Security Disability

As the economy enters into its upteempth year of recession, it's only natural for men to become depressed maybe even bipolar or schizophrenia. If that has happened to you, my condolences. It's a hard life to live but with today's welfare state there is help available. Having worked my way through the system I wanted to offer some advice to men seeking disability benefits.

First, there are two forms of help available. One is SSDI which is social security disability insurance. This is only available to workers who have become disabled. You have to pay taxes for a number of years to qualify for this. Two is SSI which is supplemental security income. This is available to everyone regardless of time worked or taxes paid. While almost all of this information is relevant to both, specifically I'm referring to SSI.

So what are the first steps to take to getting on the dole? Easy, you have to be bipolar or schizophrenic. Not only that but you have to found disabled. Let me take you through the process that normally happens.

Bipolar is a crazy illness. It has many different types. Bipolar type I will qualify someone for benefits. To find out if you're bipolar go here: Bipolar Information

Now that you're familiar with what bipolar is and recognize some of the signs you can take the following steps.

  1. You must see a psychiatrist. A general practitioner is not enough. Normally, a psychiatrist will require a therapist as well. See both. The therapist will be asked to vouch for your disability claim as well. Make sure to have all of your history of when your symptoms started occurring and how they affected your life. 
  2. Fill out an application at the social security website. You will need to fill out both an SSI and SSDI application regardless. You may want to call the nearest social security office. 
  3. One of the most difficult parts of getting on disability is the fact that you can't just be bipolar and receive benefits. It's estimated that 75% of all claims are denied on their first attempt. That number is probably higher but don't fret. There are things you can do to improve your chances of success.
  4. Having a long and detailed history of your mental illness is probably the best thing you can. Also, having a string of failed jobs or unemployment can also help. 
  5. You need to be disabled and the state considers that unable to work. Any. Job. At. All. The state will deny your claim if they believe you can flip burgers or work a kiosk part time. You must be totally incapable of working a job that will provide for your survival.
  6. You will be given medication. This is par the course for anyone who is bipolar. Most claims will deny you if you aren't currently seeing a psychiatrist, therapist, and "taking" medication. There are many risks and small benefits to taking most of the drugs for bipolar. These drugs are over prescribed and have lifelong detriments to them if taken long enough. They can increase suicidality, violence, and cause an intensity in the symptoms they're prescribed for. Be extremely cautious if you're thinking about "taking" these drugs.  
  7. Hospitalization for mental illness is very common with someone with bipolar. A bipolar person faces a much greater risk of suicide. They'll often dial 911 as a cry for help, saying they want to die. They'll be whisked away for a medical exam and then admitted to a mental ward for about 72 hours at least. Most people at this time feel much better and no longer want to hurt themselves. They'll then be discharged and free to go. The reason why I'm putting this on the application is because, while hospitalization is a tragedy, it really helps the approval rating for any disability claim.
  8. You may wish to call the social security office and fill out an application over the phone. Some of the questions on the form are ambiguous and it helps to have a person to ask if you're unsure. They will schedule a callback appointment and you can handle everything over the phone.
  9. They will request you go to see a state sponsored psychiatrist. Repeat your history and all the symptoms you've experienced up to this point and this visit should be very simple. You will be asked to visit a doctor for an exam if you've stated a physical disability along with your mental illness. 
  10. You wait. And wait. And wait. The state moves slowly and will be in no hurry. One of the hardest parts about getting on SSI is surviving before you get it. If you can work and survive than the state believes you're not disabled. If you can't work it's hard to survive. Some people move in with friends or family or work jobs off the books. Waiting for the decision can take months. 
  11. You may get denied. They love denying people. You hear all kinds of horror stories about double amputees being denied on their first claim. Some get approved on the first try. It mostly depends on how great the patient's history is. 
  12. This is important. Immediately after you get denied you need to appeal the claim. This the same as the first application. You do a phone interview and relate much of the same information. But you must state clearly that you want to appeal the decision. If you don't appeal it within 60 days you have to start the whole procedure over again. The chance of approval increases on appeal.
  13. You should continue to appeal the claim until approved.
  14. You get approved. Congrats.
Once approved you'll collect back pay. The payments you receive from disability begin from the date you filed your claim not from the date it was approved. That means your first few checks will be larger than is normal. Some suggest getting an attorney. I don't. An attorney will consume most of your back pay and a lot of the benefits they can provide can be found for free. Most social workers or therapists will be able to help you. 

While SSI won't let you live a life of luxury it can help a lot of people. There are some drawbacks to it. All payments are electronic. You can only keep a small amount of money in your bank at any time and expect to collect. The number is normally 2k. You can still work and collect but only the first 85$ does not reduce your benefits. Every dollar you make after that reduces your amount by half. So if you make 700$ a month from SSI and 1486$ or more from your job, you're SSI payment will be 0$. SSDI has no requirements on the money in your bank. 

Being approved for disability also comes with medicaid benefits which allow you to see most doctors for a small copay. You will also be approved for SNAP, food stamps benefits as well as section 8 public housing, and low income housing. Call your housing authority to see if your apartment accepts housing vouchers. 

Times are tough. Good luck men.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who is bar bar

I wanted to push this video just in case anyone hasn't seen or in case someone on the blue pill stumbles onto my site.

You're a Tier 5 Male

You can make a long line of  men who line up to worship women and denigrate men in order to hold some office. Why would women even need to claim a political office when they hold so much power over politicians? They don't need in office. If they actually did take political power they would lose some of their control. It's hard to claim to be oppressed if all the women are shown to have overt control.

The marriage is governed by the wife. If she lets the man lead, it's at her behest since the husband in any marriage holds slim to no authority. Marriage is slavery for men. Period. A woman can have a man arrested for no reason, on a whim. If she lets a man lead it's because she sees some benefit to herself in it. If that doesn't work out she ditches him, ruins his life. She uses proxy violence of other men. In most cases, the police to enforce her will, to dominate and ruin a man's life. She can remove a man from her house at a word. She can have him arrested for no reason. She can take his children, his wealth, and his freedom and there is NOTHING a man can do about it. That's power. Denying the nature of the relationship between men and women in America is asinine. A child has more power in the family than the husband.

All marriage is matriarchal. How many men need to be ruined before men realize the nature of marriage is so slanted to empower women? How much abuse are you willing to take exactly? How submissive and stupid are you?

Game serves one function, to lead men into opposition to feminism and the matriarchy. Period. Otherwise, game is only more female worship. It gives women what they want, which is dominant men to control them and give them a sense of pseudo-submission to a man. It's impossible for a man to claim any real power over a woman. She can always turn to the white knights known as the police to destroy him.

Clubs are matriarchal. They pay worship to the female by doing everything to draw women in. Women in the club know they hold all the power, surrounded by thirsty men who will worship them with their dollars, dress, act, and say stupid lines to placate the female ego. For a chance for a man to be dominated and controlled by females he must overcome his anxiety and fear of rejection, perform for her like a parakeet, like a good little slave boy that he is, just to have the privilege of her bestowing her pussy on him. A pussy she did nothing to earn, an orifice she was born with and today entitles her to complete and total power over half of the population.

Education is the den of more female worship. It doesn't take much of a genius to realize why there is women's studies and not men's studies.  If a man says anything a woman disapproves of he's kicked out, but women can and will say the most hateful, embarrassing, things to men in public and suffer no consequences for their actions.

How the fuck do you still think women want equality? Are you that fucking stupid?

Women are not worth your time and effort. Rejecting women completely is your only option for freedom because ANYTIME you engage with a woman in our society she has ALL of the power. As I said before, if a child is abused by his mother, he can have some recourse. He can gain help. A man has none. If a woman attacks a man in public she's praised. If a man dares to defend himself the white knights will line up to destroy him.

Just how much of a fucking pussy are you? Just how much do you hate yourself?

The hierarchy of this matriarchal society is as follow.

Tier 1: Leaders, rich, elite, these are mostly men. Feminism spawned from upper class white women because they were bored. Many of the men are in power because they supplicate themselves to women. In exchange for that supplication they are granted some power and authority so long as it does not conflict with the females wishes. At the same time women refuse to take overt power. They wield covert power through the electorate. They control the politicians which gives them carte blanch to both deny any responsibility for their actions and to continue the tired rhetoric of oppression.

Tier 2: Middle management. The new leisure class. These are all women. They're given jobs based on having a cunt and they're given power over everyone below them to do as they please. They are never held accountable for their actions. They are the majority of voters. Most of these women hate men. I can't say all. Given the chance they will destroy most men in their lives without remorse, pity, or care beyond how it reflects on her status.

Tier 3: Female children. Given special treatment in schools, promoted above boys, given more focus and attention from teachers. They have the curriculum changed not in order to advance humanity as a whole, but only to advance girls over men. Even when that advancement denigrates the whole, as does the case in reading when phonics was thrown out. They can be beaten by women so long as it's not too severe.

Tier 4: Male children. They are to be controlled. Doped with drugs that destroy and pervert their minds. Labelled troubled children for having the audacity to throw a snowball. They have much energy and little outlet for that energy. Passed over by the female teachers who promote the sisterhood. They can be beaten, drugged, mutilated, and raped so long as the person doing it is a woman.

Tier 5: Adult males. Expected to work and compete against privileged female coworkers who can have him fired for no reason, can make up bogus sexual harassment charges, will be given authority over him for no reason other than the sisterhood. He will be fired if he complains.  Kicked out on the street, he will have no shelter for him. Women will walk by him as he lay in a gutter and be invisible to him, all the while these women will wonder where all the men went. They're in the gutter where you put them. They'll be given jobs that women don't want because they're too hard. They'll be sent into war to die for the matriarchy, to die in mines, to die on radio towers. And when they return home from these wars they'll kill themselves because they'll realize how worthless their lives are in the matriarchy and the agony of a loveless life without children or respect is simply too much to bare. Then they'll be told they're cowards for recognizing the hopeless situation for what it is. Man up you fucks. You're not allowed to die until a woman decides you should.

There is no help for tier 5. None. There is no power. There is nothing but pain and death. Any joy is at the behest of a female. Any involvement with a woman is done at her will. Period. There is no better example of matriarchy than that. To hit and be exempt from being hit back. This is the structure of society today.

This is a gender war. Men need to realize this.Women in the MRA? Sure, we'll take defectors. Considering men can't speak for themselves. The lower class isn't even allowed its own voice, isn't even allowed to complain except at the safe distance of the internet.

One thing I can promise you is that women will never be satisfied. Hypergamy is innate to the female of this species and does not just relate to sexual selection. And there are taxes coming. Expect it. The feminists will never stop. Nothing will ever make them feel "equal" and at this point it's become obvious they want nothing to do with equality.

These new taxes are going to be targeted at men. Whether it's some feminist who says we need to tax men 30% more for the gender wage gap or some economist who wants a bachelor tax passed. It's going to happen. And men will roll over and do it. They'll give up their guns. They'll give up everything because the majority of men are cowards, submissives, and weak.

So this goes out to all the men who still engage with women. You're a fool, a coward, and a traitor. Pump and dump is the only recourse and make sure you get recorded consent for sex. If you're thinking about marriage than you're a traitor to men. Forget about helping humanity or making society better. You can't. It's stacked against you completely.

The only way to win this game, as I've said before, is to not play. To go your own way. If even a tiny percent of the male population withdraw their labor, refuse to support the irresponsible behavior of women, they'll have no tax dollars to stand on. To do that I make a few suggestions.

1. Become the biggest parasite you can. Sign up for an Obama phone if you qualify. Get on disability. Take from every charity. If you can get medicaid than do it, and use it as much as you can. Take and take and take.

2. Do not marry. Shame other men you know who are considering marriage. Inform them of the consequences. All women are like that. He didn't find the unicorn among the cows.

3. My suggestion is to only enter relationships with women as needed. If you're dating than never pay for anything. I mean that. Nothing. Reverse chivalry. Pay for nothing and demand that she pays for her female privilege  If she doesn't like it than tell her to fuck off.

How weak are you that you need to pay for your own slavery, to cough up your wage to your slavemaster? She pays. For everything. Period. If she want to engage with a man at this stage in our society than she should have the responsibility to pay for that.

The balance of power in a relationship must be restored. She is given a job over you. She is given attention in schools, scholarships, government programs to support her, and you're not. She fucking pays. Not you. If she isn't willing to spend her money on you than she's not worth keeping. You're already paying for her and her sisterhood to ruin your life. This is the closest thing to the balance of power you find in your relationships with women. If women want all the freedoms of being a man than let them suffer the responsibilities of being a man.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Is the gaming industry crashing?

Great video with lots of numbers predicting a potential crash in the video game market similar to the one in the 80s. Some believe we're already seeing the crash slow motion. With Microsoft all but announcing that their system is going to be online only and may not support used games, I don't think they're going to be immune from fluctuation.

This is exactly what is supposed to happen in a market. It's painful, people lose their jobs, but the best way to maintain stability is to allow these businesses to go bankrupt. Bails outs compound the problem. If these companies were more willing to innovate and produce a higher quality product they wouldn't be facing these challenges.

The future looks good for indie game developers.

Is Harry Reid Smarter than a 6th grader? The answer is no.

I can't believe how dumb this man is. How did he even fill out the forms to become a senator?

Let me break down what he's wrong about.

1. Tea Party is full of anarchists. False, it's full of conservatives and small government types.
2. He doesn't know what anarchy is. Anarchy is without violence, achieving goals through peaceful negotiation. If it's violent, it's not anarchy.
3. Government is good. Government being the monopoly on violence it can only be considered a moral good if violence is good. It's just as Schiff points out. At best government is a necessary evil.

Harry Reid has a degree from Utah State University in political science and history and yet displays no signs that he knows anything about politics and history.

Reid either got his job because the people are suicidal, a case I wouldn't argue heavily against. Or because it would be easy for the bankers to manipulate him. Most politicians are either evil or stupid. Reid is obviously the latter.

Morals make the world go round

The white race is a very religious race. Even when they secularize their religion in the form of the leftism, they still retain the same fervor and devotion. It's been said that communism was so effective because it inspired men to the same zealotry as a religion. Being a religious people, they are a people obsessed with moral behavior. Frank Herbert summarized all of religion as ,"thou shalt and thou shalt not" reducing religion to it's most finite form, an ethical treatise.

The leftists thrive on holding the dominant moral narrative. Whoever can dictate right from wrong can control a people more securely than with violence. Whoever controls the moral narrative controls the people.

Today, that narrative of Western Civilization is controlled by secular Christians, called liberals. They operate under the guise of equalism which has its roots in Christianity.

During the Enlightenment the philosophers performed a reverse transmutation.  For centuries alchemists attempted to transmute lead into gold. Lead being symbolic of base matter and gold being symbolic of spirit, the reverse transmutation happened when scholars turned the "equality of all men's souls" into "all men are created equal." They secularized Christian ethos turning gold into lead. The American and French revolutions followed, a revolt against hierarchy and inequality. All leftist revolutions were derivatives of this ethos.

To see the conservatives and the liberals as divided along lines of ethics however is false. The conservatives are those who mainly retained their theistic beliefs and can actually view history as something to learn from instead of a horror story to make hasty progress away from. Note how the liberals and the conservatives differ on their views of the 50s. To the conservative this was a prosperous time where children were happy, the family was strong, and America even stronger. To the liberal there was only Jim Crow and nothing else matters.

How do politicians pass laws that restrict freedom? They hide behind a victim, they pass it based on the moral need. They line up the pictures from the Sandy Hook shooting and make appeals to emotions of the populace. It is this emotional appeal which is the feminine construct. They don't make appeals based on logic or the efficacy of their actions but based on feeling.

They have circled the square, so to speak. Trumping the right angles of the masculine into the curves of the feminine. This has been happening for nearly two hundred years. For two hundred years the feminine principle of nature and love has dominated.

As much as the USA has tried there has never been a separation of church and state.  The state becomes the church. Ethics, not efficacy brings change to society.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Future: Part 2

Not all things are as they appear. Many people hear these predictions and think I'm nuts. I'm some war monger. But the truth is that the signs for Civil War were there in 1861 when Lincoln took office but no one wanted to listen. Lincoln mentioned nothing of war in his inaugural address and made no threats against the South but war seemed to come out of nowhere.

Instead of women being a pacifying force for society they seem to do the opposite. Women approve of war at or above the same level of men. And one of the key signs for a coming war is a society's fascination with the killer mother archetype. If war is looming, watch for a movie about a mother who goes on a killing spree, ala Kill Bill. It will need to be popular as well so it is a reflection of the people's inner world. That's the thing about movies that make them significant. If one becomes popular it struck harmony with the zeitgeist in the populations psyche. The fact that Avatar is so popular is chilling. It's essentially a love letter to the noble savage, proclaiming his superiority over the western world and technology. It perfectly represents our suicidal nature, reflected in multiculturalism, reflected in the green movement. Kill yourself to save the planet.

The basic theory of the killer mother goes like this. At infancy the mother is at her most hormonal and has a predilection to murder the baby. This is so ingrained in infants that the child has developed defenses against this. Particularly in boys, this represents that the child is born into a warlike culture and must defend himself. Mothers, on average, spend more time holding and nurturing their female daughters. In the boy's mind he splits the mother into two parts. The good mother and the bad. The whore and the madonna. The fear a man can feel near a woman is when she activates the split part of the bad mother, driving him to homicidal rage, feeling the intense and helpless fear he did as an infant. The better the mother the less likely this will take place. Single mothers produce more violent children, probably because of this reason.

When the nation starts responding to killer mother images, it's war time. The men will sense this change and become hyper-aggressive, fear ridden, and near panic. When the internal pain of the world reaches a crescendo it's released into a deluge of external struggle.

People who adamantly deny wisdom in films and literature are fools. The inner world reflects the outer world and vice versa. There is always a lesson to learn for the mind willing to look.

One thing against a coming war is that the economy is bad. Contrary to what most believe, war flows out of prosperity as often as ruin if not more so. How else would we pay for it?

It's hard to see the communists in all this. Are they gone? Is it the most deceptive plot in history? I believe Lenin said that Communism may succeed by first appearing to fail completely only to emerge stronger than before. If a human being could have actually plotted this all out and kept it going than whoever that is would be smart enough to rule the world.

Revolutions are driven by two things. A corrupt, failing system and a superior system to replace it. Any port in the storm may lead us to communism or to the Islamification of the world. Consider how popular the Zeitgeist movies are. Also the mayan prophecy was very popular for a reason. Not that it was true but that it reflected people's angst over the current system. They were acknowledging the doom.

If things go well I believe the internet will reshape the world. Eventually, the internet will move into meatspace. This is where I get the idea of the city-state model of running things. Different groups united by their differences but operating their own autonomous governments. The model for this is the internet where varying communities exist peacefully. The Christians can have their state, the gays can have theirs. The two would be symbiotic in that whenever the Christian state made a gay they could send him out to the gay state. The feminists could have their state as well where they sit around admiring each other's vaginas and not breeding.

I'm not one for conspiracies though, marxist or otherwise. If the Frankfurt school has had much success I believe their meme has gone viral, it's self-sufficient and doesn't need any influence. However, that ignores the fact that Christianity is a religion which believes in the equality of all men's souls. When secularized this becomes the equality of all men...and women. We get the perfect egalitarian belief system. Anyone popping into a church today will see a reflection of our current society. It is totally female dominated but with a male figurehead praising women and blaming men for all wrong doing. Much like our current culture where the male figurehead known as president is a good scapegoat for our fem-centric culture ruled by female interest but run by men. Never underestimate the cunning of women.

I am more than familiar with conspiracy theory. I am a glutton for knowledge and I'm willing to consider any theory or philosophy before dismissing it. Knowledge is everywhere for those who look. I know everything they predict but I don't believe in the Illuminati as most of them do. I believe the Illuminati is a secret religion which has some misguided ideas, plans the overthrow of the Old World Order, to usher in a system known as meritocracy. What most people consider the Illuminati is the banking cartels, the old aristocracy. The Illuminati are smart but not that much. The government is smart but limited. They became too dogmatic. They believe in themselves and everything they write about. Their faith is unwavering and they're prideful. What they do they do the best but they can't cope with the change in technology and the failures of their ideas. They can't innovate.

I spent a lot of time at university. Only two of the professors ever impressed me, ever convinced me they had an intellect greater than the average. One was a Jewish philosophy professor who could talk about nearly any subject in depth. The other was the same but an English professor. Education doesn't impress me much. After reading a lot of about ability and intelligence I'm convinced that motivation is just as important.

There is some unknown quality in people that gives them a certain spark, a light, a fierceness to them that I can't really explain. They have a confidence in what they say. If I were a religious person I would say that these people are the only ones with a soul. I would never use Atlas as a metaphor since I believe the best example of humanity is in Sisyphus, an eternal load of work, struggle, with the reward being a brief moment of glory before starting over. Anyway, the idea of these soul children is ridiculous of course. But I can't help but notice these differences between people. I wonder if it has something to do with the Edenist theory of humanity.

As I pointed out, this isn't the fall of the Soviet Union. This is America, a country forged from bloody revolution which has turned the world based on their struggles. Whatever is decided in America will be echoed throughout the world. It's not the best country but it's the trend setter. America's fate will be the same as my own. I'm going down with the ship. But America also has guns. More of them than anywhere else, a willingness to use them, a population on prescription drugs known to cause psychosis,  as well as more multiculturalism than any other country in history. It's likely that when the lights go out people will divide up as they always have along lines of religion and ethnicity. But the biggest difference is the despair if America fails. There's nowhere left to turn. The Soviets could follow the western model. What does the West have to follow? Islam? That may even be worse.

Think about how many groups are ready to try and seize power in the United States. Black nationalism is the biggest hate group in America according to the SPLC. White nationals. Constitutionalists. Liberals. Christians. Muslims. The militias. The list goes on and on and I'll always miss someone.

That's the problem. There are too many variables to understand anything. Maybe technology will save us all and we'll hit the technological singularity before the collapse. Maybe not. One theory I have is that technology speeds up time. If we consider the ends and means of things. Ends being an emotional state, something we strive towards, a goal with emotional reward. Our end is to visit Paris in the spring. Two hundred years ago that could take months. Now technology has increased. We can visit there digitally in seconds or travel there in days. The means to the end have been decreased and so we experience a speeding up of time. Our goals are reached in a shorter time span. For the sake of this argument I use the definition of time being, the rate at which things change. When we measure time we look for change. Carbon dating is based on how much the carbon decays, therefore it changes. Something in stasis would be said to be outside of time, ala light. If time is speeding up  what does this mean for the singularity both the left and the technological one.

Curiosity has driven us to explore and there's nothing greater to explore than the future. If I knew what was going to happen I'd be rich but bored as well.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Future

I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong if, in 2016 none of this comes to pass. However, I do believe there is a crisis coming to America which will reshape the country. I believe it will be on par with WWII, The Civil War, and the American Revolution. This is just a guess. I'm no prophet. 
  • The 2016 election will be the most pivotal election in history. My prediction is that a republican will win, similar in ideology to Ron Paul. Someone not controlled by corporate America, someone that isn't the lesser of two evils. A real leader with a different policy than others. Most people will be so desperate for change that they vote him in. 
  • And this leader will divide the country in two even more than Obama. Libertarian policy is never popular when it's enacted. Turning back the state will cause immediate problems in the economy. It's a long term plan but it will be unpopular and the instant gratification of the population must be soothed. 
  • The country will quickly divide into two camps. Those for the constitution and those for socialism. The military, police, will split. Academia and the media will mostly side with against the president. The 2016 candidate may face impeachment. 
  • 2018-2020 civil war erupts within the United States divided by these two camps. The fighting is all out war. It may be state to state or some other arrangement. Civil war is the likely candidate for the coming crisis. The theatre is not really set for inter-country conflict, not even with China. China is too dependent on the US for trade. 
  • The rest of the world will stay out of the fight. Canada may assist but each country will have their own recession and struggles to deal with. There may be infighting in Europe as well as neo-fascist and neo-islamists clash. But the world will recoil at the level of violence in America and will want to keep its distance. 
  • 2023-2025 the war end.
  • During the war people will be driven out of the cities. Small villages with high technology become normal. Local sporting events will be more important than the NFL. Technology like the internet and 3D printing and solar energy will allow for homes and villages to move away from cities. Small, local communities will be the most important thing to people. 
  • A new baby boom occurs. These children will be ones to design the technology which propels humanity into the technological singularity. Food becomes abundant. Homelessness and starvation is dissolved. Human suffering is ended. 
  • We explore space. We are a successful species.  

A little humility will go a long way

Single mother homes produce an inordinate amount of criminals and degenerates. And yet woman proudly  claim that children don't need fathers, or that men are deadbeats and worthless to society. Collectively, most women have become everything they complain about in men. Most seem devoid of of humility. Men aren't perfect, but most of them can admit it.

More bitterness and blame will not heal anyone. Shame will only divide and separate each other even further. Just as women have collectively turned against men they can individually admit that they screwed up. That father's are important, that single mothers don't know how to raise boys.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. --Martin Luther King Jr.
I'm sorry to all of the women who were hurt, beaten, raped, or humiliated. You have my sympathy and I never wished that would happen to you. I have to believe that compassion and sympathy can help make things better, if not socially, than personally. I have sympathy for you and hope you can heal from your pain as much as I try to heal from my own.

That same sympathy applies to men who were ruined and hurt by this system. I'm sorry boys have to grow up in an embarrassing world like this. That men have their lives destroyed by misandry in the workforce, schools, the courts. I'm sorry for you pain as well.

Monday, April 22, 2013

When the lights go out

  • Incredibly, 11 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older are currently taking SSRI antidepressants – those highly controversial, mood-altering psychiatric drugs with the FDA’s “suicidality” warning label and alarming correlation with school shooters. Women are especially prone to depression, with a stunning 23 percent of all American women in their 40s and 50s – almost one in four – now taking antidepressants, according to a major study by the CDC;
What people don't understand about antipsychotic, antidepressants, etc. is how much trauma they cause when a person stops taking them. Like any other drug, these drugs cause a dependence and the withdrawals from these drugs can be deadly. 

I know from personal experience the hell of coming off of these drugs. It's unlike any other experience. The best way I can describe it is like imagining someone hijacked your sense of well-being and emotional stability. It's no surprise that most shooters were on these drugs and then recently stopped. The effects of stopping these drugs is well known. 

But what isn't is what would happen if all of these people stopped taking them en masse. This is one of the reasons why I don't think economic collapse in America will be anything like the Great Depression or the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet's doped their populace but it was not to the extent that America has done it.

The SSRI is a bomb just waiting to go off a few days after the lights go out.

"Americans snapping."


Women's world of spite

Women live through the tribe and the herd. More importantly today, they live through the sisterhood which actively seeks to denigrate men in relation to women. This is the foundation of feminism. That women were oppressed by men. Everything else a feminist says is derived from this erroneous assumption. So when the collective female ego sees the Sisterhood rising and men failing, she celebrates. When women yammer for gendercide, it's derived from this assumption. That women are the victims and men are the villains.

The female ego has run amok in society today. It has been propped up by an endless supply of grrlll power and female superiority articles that seem to come out of the media in a constant deluge. Collectively, women have decided that men have no feelings so anything they do and say to men is justified. In the feminist mind men oppressed women so they're just taking revenge.

 Any time men surpass women it needs to be corrected. The best example is in education where men still outperform women in math. Recently, women started to outperform men in reading. Anyone who understands the arrogance of women know what the "social scientists" will conclude. Women are superior readers because of genetics. Men only outperform girls because of bias.

Men and women are complementary pairs. Comparing the two is like comparing fire to water. Feminists scream at fire and wonder why it's hot. If only they could change fire and make it more like water all the problems would be solved. Of course, changing fire means destroying it or removing it from its essence.

Amazingly, people are lead to believe that the only reason women underperform is because of bias. The belief is that women hear that men are better at math and so they believe they can't compete. If this assertion is true, that ability can be altered to a large degree by what others say, why don't these superior women believe the same thing applies to men? Why do they believe they can post and exalt women over men and it have no consequence on men?

Sensitivity to a woman's delicate nature is held as a virtue. We can't tell women they're inferior in math, that they'll likely never outperform men in any area in life but we can tell men they're worthless, obsolete, and inferior. Oh, and this magically won't have any consequences on how men perform or view women. Just how often do you think you can kick a dog before he bites?

Being sensitive to others is a virtue. If this principle is true it must be applied universally. If I say that peace is a virtue and yet I spread peace by blowing people up, I do not believe my original statement.I do not believe in peace as a virtue. I have exempted myself from my own rule. If being sensitive to the feelings of others is a virtue, than women need to apply this to everyone, not just themselves. Otherwise, sensitivity is not a virtue.

A better world cannot be built on the backs of hatred and arrogance. A better future will never be derived from the spite women hold for men any more than hate will beget love. Hate creates more hate.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Lockdown a Sign of Decline

There is a maxim I follow: there is always a different point of view. We can stand on the moon and still not see the entirety of the earth. There is always that dark corner obscured from our vision. There are many ways to see any single problem.

I bring that up because a lot people believe that the Boston lockdown is a sign of the new normal. They despair the coming of the police state. What many don't realize is that when brute force is utilized it is because coercion has failed.

In times of peace and stability laws tend to be unnecessary. People police themselves through shame and ostracism. When force is overtly used it's not a sign of a state's increasing power. It's a sign of their decline.

As much as I look down on public institutions most of them still seek to minimize overhead while increasing productivity. In the case of societal control, police on the streets with tanks and machine guns may seem like the state at the height of its power, but I see it a little differently. If the state could control people with the minimal amount of effort they would. This show of strenght is a huge waste of resources which .gov is speedily draining.

The state is showing it's hand now. It's showing to the people that they're not free. That the government is little more than a bunch of armed thugs. For every blog and news story that covers the lockdown a person's delusional belief in the sanctity of government begins to shatter.

The US can no longer keep people in check without guns and tanks anymore. Twenty years ago they could. It is the tyranny of illusion that is the most dangerous form of state power, a prison of the mind without the need for guns and bars is the most confining space.

.gov is losing their credibility as "legitimate" power. This is doubly true in a democracy which supposedly is a function of the will of the people. These are the times when the difference between the natural slave and the natural masters are revealed.

Previously in America, there was a system devised called the free markets which allowed for voluntary slavery. It is no coincidence that the corporate world is known as slave wages. While natural masters within a free market would gravitate toward the role of owner and capitalist the natural slave is most comfortable in a structure of rigid control and hierarchy where there role and value is firmly established. Now that the role of  master is all but eroded from economy for various reasons the dichotomy between slaves and masters is more transparent. The slaves are those who are comfortable with the encroaching police state, those willing to be pacified into servitude. The masters feel otherwise.

I liken this to be something other than a conscious choice. Often our behavior is not corroborative with our philosophy. Meaning, we say one thing and practice another. There is no better example of this divergence between spoken intention and obversely behavior than in women.  While saying they like nice men they never date nice men. While the average man makes declarations to his own sovereignty and proclaims the virtues of freedom, his behavior during times of distress prove otherwise.

Those who can be educated are educated. With ubiquitous access to the internet anyone not familiar with the dangers of government, the possibility of totalitarian slavery backed up by drone armies in the hands of a tiny elite, don't exist as ignorant because they have a lack of knowledge. What makes this an interesting time is how things will play out. History will be more accurate than ever. Where could you find a first hand account of a pleb in ancient Rome? Today they litter the internet.

What keeps me going is curiosity. What will you make of yourself humanity?

Technology Hides The Decline

Bane in the Dark Knight Rises said it best, "Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!"

Technological progress masks social decay. While gun wounds have increased gun murders has decreased and the progressives celebrate their victory of marching ever leftwards to utopia. There is no social progress. There is only the advance of technology which may hasten social decay. 

The technological singularity is not a given. The rate of advance of computers is not a static thing. Kurzweil's calculations tend to gloss over the most important element of building a machine, the person operating it. It's been said that we cannot see the future because of the present. 

The west has a fascination with the noble savage that has become suicidal. Avatar, The Last Samurai, Dances With Wolves, multiculturalism are all related, have all fueled the suicide of the west as it has turned in fratricide against the fathers who built it from wood and rock.

In times of war, depression and suicide decreases. When faced with an external threat a nation may direct their angst outward, providing relief from their anxiety. When there is nowhere to direct this desperation it is channeled inward, toward our own demise. The only recourse is to direct hate toward culture itself and exalt the culture of others. Even when that culture is hateful and destructive, it is beyond criticism.

Few ever dare to point out that by assimilating any and all ways of life that the western cultures are lost. Diversity is not strenght. It's destruction. By celebrating the noble savage we celebrate our own demise. The world ends while we all wear party caps and play kazoos as the noble pygmy savage cannibalizes our flesh.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The craziest among us are devoid of humor

"To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter." F. Sagan

"Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place. ~Mark Twain"

"Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him."  ~Roman Gary

The craziest among us are devoid of humor.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Women and Consequences

The less rational a person is the less likely they are to understand the consequences to their actions. At extreme levels of irrationality we see people who believe they exist within a vacuum. That actions have no consequences and desire is the only requisite to understand how our actions will change the future.

Judith Grossman, an attorney, couldn't see it coming.

I am a feminist. I have marched at the barricades, subscribed to Ms. magazine, and knocked on many a door in support of progressive candidates committed to women’s rights. Until a month ago, I would have expressed unqualified support for Title IX and for the Violence Against Women Act. But that was before my son, a senior at a small liberal-arts college in New England, was charged—by an ex-girlfriend—with alleged acts of “nonconsensual sex” that supposedly occurred during the course of their relationship a few years earlier.
What followed was a nightmare—a fall through Alice’s looking-glass into a world that I could not possibly have believed existed, least of all behind the ivy-covered walls thought to protect an ostensible dedication to enlightenment and intellectual betterment.

What this woman didn't understand was that by expressing female privilege she would castrate her son. Women are learning this as their sons are in a state of perpetual childhood, stuck in dependency, and a drain on the single mother's income. The realization that women have failed an entire generation is only beginning.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that no oppressor ever willingly surrenders their power over the oppressed. The oppressed must demand it, must take it. When women protested for their "liberation" there was no counter protest. The voice of the opposition was silent as men leapt to do their bidding. How could an oppressed group have little or no resistance?

Do we see the same thing with men's rights?

The personal is the political and now that women face the financial and romantic consequences of their actions they're beginning to understand that they do not exist in a vacuum. Their son's suicide, false rape charge, joblessness are the consequence. Their daughters's pregnancy, spinsterhood, and anxiety is a consequence. While the trumpets of feminist triumphalism have barely receded the consequence of their actions are no longer deniable. As a wise woman once said, "We can evade reality but we can't evade the consequences of reality."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everyone has an agenda

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Minutes after a bomb went off at the Boston marathon the political left was doing what it does best, turning an event into an ideology. Chris Matthews blamed a particular group moments after the bomb went off: the right. It seems like every internet group out there is longing to further their agenda using this bomb.  A bomb which killed several people and wounded hundreds is used as political reform.  It's not just the left either who wants in on the naming and moralising. The loudest voice is the left and they are desperately trying to blame straight white men for the deed. Regardless of the fact that Matthews is a straight white male is not important.  He is dedicated to something greater than himself.

How can someone make sense of the white anti-white racist? Only by understanding the motivations of a suicide bomber can we begin to unravel this mystery.

The left and the right - the true right, the new right - are divided along lines of human nature. Even the word human nature is repugnant to those among the left as they most fastidiously claim that nature does not exist. There exists only human behavior, so they claim. The blank slate theory of humanity states that no one is born with any innate intelligence or proclivity to certain behaviors based on their race or gender. Even when the blank slates are forced to face overwhelming evidence that evolutionary differences exist and these differences are not relegated to the neck and downward, the claim is still the same. We are all the same. The right believes otherwise.

This is where the dichotomy of the new right and the left takes place, evolution. This is why the left inhabits the halls of the social sciences. They can pervert and distort any history or discovery which doesn't suit their ends. And when the left views history it is like reading a horror novel. The leftist sees only the tragedy of the past, the ignorance, the crisis, and exalts the glory of the future. In the words of Emanuel  "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." And the most serious crisis is all of history which must be either obliterated or obfuscated to further their agenda.

Man is a sacrificial beast. But a man will only sacrifice for something out of honor. Honor in our nihilistic culture has been forgotten. Now the only hints of honor are the images of Japanese warriors slicing open their guts to make amends to some wrong to their lord. But this idea of honor does not convey the principle behind it. To have honor is to value something greater than yourself.  This honor can be transmuted into many different things, to a nation, a family, or an ideology. Honor is not to refute death but to embrace it. Man is the only animal which places his own head on the sacrificial altar.

Honor is the will of the suicide bomber but it is also the will of Chris Matthews and all of the white anti-white racists. It is suicidal in physical form but because these men believe in something greater than themselves they can place their heads on the altar without remonstration. Matthews advocates death and suicide just as much as the Jihadists. Their hope is that they will live on through their ideology.

The master never submits. Submission is the place of the slave. The slave is who values nothing more than the self. The slave is without honor. Only the master can sacrifice. Only the master can make his will manifest. The cry of the master is 'death before domination.' But in the master's domination - in his honor - is also a submission to a higher ideal, to something greater. If a human can hold nothing greater than the self they are no greater than any animal.

Murder is not a tragedy anymore. It's an ideology. Whether some mass shooter has an intent for political reform or not, it's an ideology to everyone who survives. If he's white it's used against whites. If he's black it's by whites against the anti-whites. If he's asian it's used to promote gun control. If' it's a bomb its against the Muslims. It's hard to see the victims for what they are when the event itself is denigrated before the ideology. Today everyone has an agenda and no crisis is without its political reform. If the left reads a history book like a horror story than there is no end to remunerations for the tragedies.


Good post at The Observer Watches noticing the bevy of anti-white racism.


A Game With No Goal Posts

We have stepped out in a Kafka novel now. Something like the Trial where everything is backward. The doors are windows and down is up. We use nostalgia to find art because we can produce nothing great today. If the artist wishes to display something accurate he must paint confusion, film insanity, write about madness. This is western civilization, a dead man walking without a soul, and his pulse is quickly fading.

The perfect image to exemplify western society today is Frankenstein.  More relevant than ever, we're propped up by machines and technology, our brains digitized to pulp so that 10% of americans can't find America on a map. They can still vote though. Gun crime has increased but the murder rate has declined. Hospitals have better emergency treatment and more victims are saved. 24% of boys are being treated for ADHD and stuck on drugs that turn them into dope fiends, pervert their fragile minds even further, and guarantee that this living dead beast known as the west will not die quietly. There is a storm coming when this beast lets off its death rattle and begins to convulse. And just as dogs and cats can sense an earthquake coming, people can feel this storm as well. We see it in the fascination with doomsday prophecy. It's not the prophecy which is important, it's how much the people relate to it. We can see this in the prepper movement because people know that something is looming.

Nietzsche theorized that each age had a spirit. Spengler believed civilization rose and fell as per the cycles of seasons. He considered the west now in its winter. But what is the spirit of this age? If we could break a decade down into a single word what would we call it? For the 00s that word should be terrorism or perhaps fear. For the 10s that word is confusion.

We don't face external conflict but internal malaise. The wars of today are of spirit. Confusion. Anything good is considered hateful. Beauty is phoney, created on an operating table. Happiness is induced through medication. Everyone is a lesbian now, attempting to achieve completion through object insertion into their psyche. And everything is on sale except a spirit. We are the lifeless form stumbling through existence. We are Frankenstein's monster.

To see clear through this dross is impossible. We have not perfect vision, for just as it is impossible to stand on the moon and see all dimensions of the earth, we are always left in perpetual obscurity. Seeing is no longer believing. We need to video record it as well with audio and stream it in 1080 hd for something to be real.

If you work you're called privileged. If you're homeless you'll be assaulted and ignored. If you commit a crime it will be an example of your racism and your hatred of others so long as that crime conforms to someone's political agenda.  If you speak out you're a racist. If you remain silent you'll be robbed. If you go to college you'll be in debt. If you go into the military you'll follow the order of a mexican lesbian transgender general. If you marry you're at the whim of your wife and whether she lets you keep your house, your money, and your freedom. If you save money you harm the economy somehow. If you spend you're a materialist. If you're a christian you're a nut and stupid. If you're an atheist you're an amoral baby killer. If you like women you're a homophobe. If you don't like women you're gay. If you're not crazy it's because you're not paying attention.

Existential angst is not a problem graduate students experience anymore. It's mainstream! Existential angst has gone viral. We exist in a time of confusion where there are thousands of rules but criminals go unpunished. Everyone is to blame for anything good. If you win you lose. If you lose you still lose and this is the era of the shambling, bumbling, soulless monster of Dr. Frankenstein's creation. This is the world we exist in today.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life only holds value when it's threatened. The child understands this value innately and therefore covets a toy most which is coveted by another child. Technology threatens to overcome the threat of death and thus makes life meaningless. The woman covets the man who is coveted by woman.

Your death was implicit in your birth. A choice the man makes is to submit or to die but when you realize that all ends in death there is really no choice. There is only a desperate clinging to the present moment in the hopes that this time you will be the one to defy all and be immortal. All cowards believe they will live forever. All fear is based on the fear of death. You will die. Celebrate it for it gives you strength, it allows you to experience the best of life.

"My strength is not in steel and fire, that is what the parasites will never understand. A season for all things! A time to live and a time to die, a time to build... and a time to destroy!" It is time to destroy this artifice and build something new from its ashes.

Though I recognize the power that morality wields over others it only has power which the individual submits to. Natural law dictates that whatever can be done will be done. There is no standard of morality. God is dead. At best we can try and extrapolate what can best fulfill this moment and this experience. What can suffice for me. No thought of the good of others. That is not the natural way. Any claims to the opposite are bunk. They're self-serving arguments of a control freak, those that fear death, those which place no value on life beyond their own existence.

We are only defined by morality only as we allow ourselves to be. More properly, to describe natural law as anything other than a technical manual for the operation of our species is erroneous. We will do what is best for ourselves and there will never be an argument which can penetrate this logic nor should there be for our quest is knowledge and only by putting off the artifice of morality can we know what is possible. Only through defiance to god can we know what is and what isn't god. What is possible is what is not impossible.

I believe in causality. I believe that one event flows into another and that each is born on the tides of this chain stretched back into infinity. I do not believe in flaws or mistakes. I do not believe in wrong or right doing any more than I believe in wrong or right calculus.

Feminism or Capitalist?

How much are women worth?

I walked past the magazine rack and couldn't help but notice rows of fashion and celebrity magazines. I  crossed through the romance and self-help section. Women outnumbered the men in the bookstore. It's not an accident that everyone markets to the female identity.

After my jaunt through the bookstore I started thinking about women. Misandry is replete through society and while there's plenty of outright hatred of men, I'm not convinced that feminism can be solely blamed. Gynocentrism is so successful because it's economical. Pandering to women is profitable. For men, it's not so much.

Humans are social animals. Women even more than men. They live through the sisterhood, vicariously drawing strength or suffering, feeling outrage or triumphant, through others. In a consumer based society, where materialism and profits are worshiped as the most high God, this social drive, instead of being a benefit to women is a detriment. It allows markets to manipulate women's collective and status seeking tendencies for their own aims.

I bought a protein bar made for women. When I ate it I wondered if I was going to grow bitch tits. I looked through the ingredients but saw no special female formula. When women define the majority of markets it's obvious that men will be neglected. Women's products are everywhere. Many of these products aren't marketed to women for their utility. Women identity with women as women. Men don't. They'll purchase a man's razor blade but not because it fulfills any sense of masculine obligation. They buy it for utility or status elevation but marketing strictly to men as men has proven ineffective.

Feminism is not alone in the madhouse of modernity. The combination of feminism, capitalism, and democracy are to blame for this rotten fish. Democracy guarantees that women will be catered to by the politicians. Women are the majority but also identify as women and that collective mindset guarantees the vote seeking politician will make appeals to that collective.

The merger of state and feminist power is femi-fascism. The state's ceaseless quest for infinite power allows for the feminists to serve as useful puppets to expand and enact greater control over the citizenry. Just dress a bill up as for women and anyone who opposes it can be called bad names.

Many of the MRAs don't even seem aware of what they're opposing. It's not just feminism. Gynocentrism is fueled by women - feminist or not - and their collectivist mentality and their pocketbooks which are ever in flux. Women are good little consumers buying useless plastic junk made in China. No one is going to convince men to start spending on men's products. That's the point. Men and women are different.

Consider the alpha female of  a chimpanzee tribe. The females and males are ranked hierarchically in different ways. The males are determined alpha by their physical strength and dominant personality. The females are determined alpha by reproductive ability and their submission to dominance. While chimps don't relate at a 1:1 ratio to humans we can still draw some conclusions about our shared similarities.

When women look at celebrity magazines they're search for the alpha of females. They're looking for Jennifer Aniston and what she's doing. They're good little betas seeking out just how to relate to the world so they go and have their hair cut just like Jennifer, dress like her, and date guys like her. The girls on the cover of fashion and women's magazines are the alphas of modern western society. This is who women derive their sense of identity from, who they emulate and seek to become.

If men want their problems addressed than the best way to do it is to make it profitable. Make it profitable for markets to pander to men and their interests and they will. For decades though men have been willingly to quietly accept humiliation and insult without offering any protest. They haven't spoken with their pocketbooks or their voice. This is beginning to change though.

Labeling yourself a feminist is become less and less popular. The angry, fat feminist is chiche now. No woman wants that label. Popular culture and politics takes years or decades to catch up to the collective consciousness. While that time has definitely been shortened due to technology like the internet, it still takes a while for people to react. Men are beginning to protest. Things will catch up to the dominant cultural memes.

I don't support political activism because if it's effective it's because the state sees some benefit to itself in it. Meaning more taxes and state run institutions. I don't oppose MRAs but I do recognize the danger especially when so many men are desperate and will cling to "any port in  a storm." I don't want more government and more arms of the state springing up. I don't care if those arms have label's like the Men's Division. It's state involvement that causes the bulk of the problems because without the guns of the government the feminists would be nothing more than fat, loveless, spinsters that no one would would want to listen to.

However, the best way to get politicians to side with men will be tax revenue. Nothing motivates the state like a threat to the amount of money they can steal. Show the government a loss in revenue from ignoring men and there will be changes over night.

Nothing speaks like dollars.

All Feminists Are Like That

Humans join groups. They associate with one another for various reasons. We sell our labor to a business. We join a movement to instill some social reform. We associate with one another for mutual self-interest. When someone joins an ideologically driven group they cannot separate themselves from the foundation of that group's belief. Not through ignorance nor any erroneous claims to individualism.

And these groups share a particular set of core beliefs. That's the reason we join or identify with a group. Otherwise it wouldn't be a collective. The details of each individual are superfluous to the collective as a whole. When a woman makes the claim that "all feminists aren't like that," what she's really saying is that she is not like that. She's the exemption. She's the feminist who doesn't hate men. There were Nazis who didn't hate Jews but they still saluted the fuhrer.

"By their fruit you shall recognize them." Matthew 7:16.

Gendercide is the norm not the exception. When women call for the extermination of men they do it while reading from the feminist playbook. It's not the exception. It's not some far reaching conclusion. It's the perfection of an ideal. It's the natural solution for feminists. The feminist who screams for gendercide is the ideal feminist since she takes the doctrine to its logical conclusion. The problem with fundamental feminism is the fundamentals of feminism.

The fish rots from the head down.

That's the foundation your hate movement is built on. There's no skirting around the issue. While the drapes in a house might be beige or chartreuse the foundation of the house is still built of brick and mortar. The house might be painted bright pink, but it's still a house. You can dress feminism up as something other than the world's largest hate movement but underneath her gown is the soiled underpants of bigotry and hate. Identifying with a group is to accept its fundamental beliefs as your own. The details of each individual within that group are redundant to the whole.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Squared Circle

The right is aptly named because its best geometric representation is a square, an object of all right angles. Consequently  the left is best shown as a circle, an organic form. If there are no right angles in nature than where does the right angle arise? From man imposing himself and his nature on the world. With the right angle we build, create, and produce. With the organic we love, shelter, and care for.

I believe in the law of opposites. That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The world is too complex for me to understand. As the more I learn the more I realize I am a fool bumbling in the dark, unable to see the pit I'm about to stumble into. Knowing that I try and reduce everything to it's most finite form, its fundamental principle, ignoring everything else as superfluous detail. The difficulty lies in finding that seminal root which is often difficult to find.

Whenever making a prediction of the future the important thing is not to predict the past or the present. The past is always changing, diluted by the desires of present day academia to impose their will on all of time and should be treated with constant suspicion. Curiosity will carry you further than certainty but at the cost of comfort. It is no surprise then that those already the least comfortable are the most likely to challenge the predominant paradigm.

Most people never predict the future or understand it at all. It is the most complex subject. When the 1950s showed the future they didn't show the future. They showed advanced technology but they showed the current social trend. They forgot the most important part about the future, who would be running all those machines.

Confirmation bias and our desires pervert our ability of prescience. We see selectively what we want to see and then stand in disappointment when our vision does not correlate to reality.But making a prediction about the future is not hard so long as we understand the fundamentals of the present. It will be the future. It will be different. That I guarantee.

Where have we moved in Western society? We have marched: left, left, left, left without missing a step. We have denied reality at every opportunity and allowed emotion to dominate reason. We have circled the square to the point of strangulation and built a world of confusion, anxiety, and decay where emotion rules and logic is ridiculed as oppressive.

It's not just in Texas, everything is big everywhere. We have big people, big cars, big government, big debt, big military, big police, big cities, big pharma, big sugar, big business, and big babies masquerading as adults. That is where we are today.

The future will not be like it is today. We'll drift left some more but there's already signs that the USS Leftship has peripheral hull damage and is taking in water. Nothing lasts forever (except forever) and knowing what I do about that whole cause and effect thing I can make a pretty accurate assessment of the future.

The right is swift and fierce and the left slow and patient. The left is a slow burn, a choking gas that drains the oxygen from the room. The right is conflagration. I can't say the face of the future but I can tell you its body's outline and I am certain of one thing. It will look nothing like it does today.

The problem with writing things down is that the aggregate of human knowledge is constantly changing and if anyone wants to consider themselves a ration person they must be able to shift and meander with the ever changing tides of the river of knowledge. Knowing that, it's hard to draw any firm conclusions.

I'm often left confused, wondering if anything I say is original or just an amalgam and transliteration of what others have said. I pull and I'm dragged by the chain of causality often enough to question if this all isn't just some fabricated play, I the actor on stage, going through the script, trying my best to play my part perfectly, knowing the final act is my end.

But I am convinced, as much as I can be of a few things. I believe something exists. No amount of thought can wither this belief away as I have tried to approach it from many angles. If there is no real matter, it is all just illusion of senses, than there is still something which exists. Thought exists at the least and if thought exists so must a thinker. As much as I'd love to draw some concrete conclusions to a more specific nature of existence, I find this the only solid framework to build a philosophy.

However, in my question to disprove that statement I did stumble onto something which could be a possible refutation, though unlikely. The paradox. Though it seems beyond my understanding to fully conceptualize and "wrap my mind around" the paradox would allow for both existence and non-existence. It would allow their to be both thought and no thought.

But a paradox is a silly notion and the epitome of over thinking so for the sake of simplification I will state that something exists. Something exists now and will forever exist.