Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vending Machine McDonalds.

The future is a vending machine. The craze has already swept over Japan and as time goes on more and more things turn into vending machines. Look at what happened to Blockbuster. It's gone. It's been replaced by Red Box, an entire store that hired several dozen employees is now a vending machine. Corporations are basically stagnate. If it wasn't for them, McDonalds could easily be turned into a vending machine. But then the economy would collapse.

I think its foolish to deny technological unemployment. I won't even debate it. What job can't be automated? The only reason we don't see all the public sectors jobs turned into vending machines is because there is no will to do that yet. There would be massive amounts of jobless, unemployed people running around. The fight for the jobs that would exist would increase. You'd need a PhD to be considered for any job at all.

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