Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Future is small

It is a decentralization of information that's happening today. The mainstream media becomes less relevant year after year. It is a decentralization of education as massively online open courses (MOOCs) replace higher education. As khan academy makes a classroom redundant, parents must question the validity of sending their children off to public school. As homeschooling and unschooling grow in popularity, the eager tax slaves of the state diminish in number.  Bitcoin is the decentralization of currency.   Out and away from the central bankers.

The next stage is 3D printing. The state recognizes the threat of 3D but is limited in its scope. Just as it couldn't predict the destruction of its state run indoctrination farms known as schools, it can't predict the effects of 3D printing. It goes beyond printing guns. In fact, if it were only useable to print guns than it would have far less scope. Instead it is the destruction of the industrialized world.

Taoist thought goes like this: all that rises must fall, all that expands must contract. Cycles. Up and down like the tides of the sea.

Why do I believe we'll be leaving cities? I know demographics do not favor this idea. Most cities in the US grow every year. They're not shrinking. One of the reasons the city will shrink in the future is because most people living in a city aren't happy. Cities mimic prisons and the people often exhibit behavior similar to animals in captivity.


  1. OMing 4 A New AmericaJune 14, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    "Taoist thought goes like this: all that rises must fall, all that expands must contract. Cycles. Up and down like the tides of the sea."

    Exactly. But one positive thing is happening here that is we are becoming more Easternized in our philosophical orientation.

    Also I don't think the economy will collapse. Upper middle class Asian immigrants and their 2nd, 3rd and 4th generational descendents will keep us going.

    But that's great because the rest of us can do stuff like grow gardens, meditate, hold kirtan fests, do tai chi and yoga and basically teach those Americanized Asians their own cultures!

    That's the cycle!

    East to West and back again!

  2. detroit has certainly been shrinking.

  3. The reasons for cities today and in the future is bandwidth and latency. The bandwidth problem out to rural areas is solvable, but there's still the speed of light restriction on latency.

    Personally, I would like to live somewhere with a population between 20K & 100K. That's big enough to provide the economies of scale for the kind of lifestyle I prefer.