Monday, July 29, 2013

Must watch MGTOW video

Mark Minter and the Manosphere by Dr. Illusion

A great post by Dr. Illusion. I wanted to share it with everyone. Even though I've been called a reverse pollyanna by some I'm not. I'm all about humor and laughter.

I realized that facing a constant deluge of hate will turn me into smeagol, nestling myself in my cave, clinging to my false identity of hate. I avoid feminist posts now. In fact, I avoid all of the news. I have a simple way of figuring out what's going on in the world. I open up my door and stare outside. Look the sun is out and the grass is still green and I don't see feminist hate machines rolling down the sidewalks yet so I'm going to enjoy this day.

And now a zen story to encapsulate how I feel.

"One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed on the vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth. It was incredibly delicious!"

Thanks Dr. Illusion for the great post. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

The future of war

The City-State and The Internet

There may be an inverse correlation with moral agency and technological advance. The past didn't have democracy which politicizes EVERYONE who still assumes their vote matters. Politics makes people miserable. At least it does for me and I've considered giving up any political theory in favor of spiritual development.

If you take the vote away from everyone then no one will care about issues or politics. They'll focus on themselves and their own lives which is why I believe people outside of a democracy would be happier. The games of power are sickening. It's like the ring of power from the Lord of the Rings. The more you wield it the more you want to wield it and the sicker you become. Not even the noble hobbits were immune to the corruption of the ring of power.

The past didn't have social media nor all of the connective communication devices that we do today. The positive is that there is a growing movement of disdain for the current political and social climate. While the voices on the left, right, and center are divergent on the aims of a successful society they are united in their general enmity of the current status quo and are eager for change. Real change and not the BS Obama change.

The vision I have for the future is humility. One of diversity of thought and coexistence of various ideologies. I begin with humility. I am not God and I do not know what's best for everyone. I know only what I want, if that. I can decide for myself. I control my own life and have no need for power over others. But to bring that about diversity of thought there must be an end to universalism. The idea of big government must be put to rest.

The city-state is a social construct where autonomous states may govern themselves as they wish. This is similar to the United States prior to the tyrant Abraham Lincoln imposing his universalist thought onto everyone. But these city-states would not be limited to 50 or any other arbitrary number. It would allow for states to grow and govern as they see fit. A christian state could be born, a theocratic christian state run under the principles of the Bible, so long as it agreed to exist peacefully next to other autonomous states. This breeds independence to people and true diversity. Diversity of lifestyle where the Christian would not fear a secularized media and school system. It would have no need to brainwash children or force them to conform to its ideas of equality and secular thought.

The left could have their paradise. They could have their free and just world without gender or race or religion. But they never want that because theirs is a spirit of a parasite latched onto the greater beast.

We only need to look to the internet to see the future. The groups that form along various websites are similar to the pairings of the city-states that would form. The homosexuals could have their own state. Let them. The catholics and the muslims could form theirs as well. And any other who would choose to do such a thing. The internet communities that we see could very well be the models of future societies.

We are fortunate to live in these times as we may see this come about. The government has spent beyond its means. The trillions in unfunded liabilities can never be paid which means a downsizing, which means they'll lose power. Hopefully, the angst of the populace will not allow them to regrow back to their former state after it collapses. I don't think it will because I don't think it will need to.

Certain technologies such as 3D printing will redistribute the population away from cities. We can see the growth of universalist thought along with the growth of the city. People forced to live in close proximity to each other must conform to a certain rigidity of thought in order for it to function. But as the industrial world collapses because of a decentralization of industry in the form of 3D printing then it's likely the same will trigger an exodus from the city.

It is need which defines us. People need food and they need jobs. When the jobs are all in the cities then the people will all be in the cities. When the jobs are decentralized then the people will not be there. Most people do not like most people and most people will be happie choosing where and what form of society they live under. But for any of this to work a vitriolic hatred of universalism must be burned into everyone's mind.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Feminist Nightmare

Saw this article and it made me think of feminists. A french woman was apparently attacked by a wild group of stray cats while out walking her dog. For the whole story read: The feminist nightmare.

I'm surprised someone else hasn't blogged this yet.

If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

Back when Obama got elected the first time I thought it might bring about some change in race. I thought the racial ideologues would back off with their white racist witch hunts. How can a country be racist if it elected a black man? I was wrong. The anti-racism spiel seemed to intensify if anything.

The same will happen with a female president. If you think a female president will make the feminists back off you're mistaken. It will embolden them and they'll roll out even more blatant female supremacist laws and misandrous organizations. The stories that will come out of the media will make The End of Men article look pro-male.

Just wait until a lesbian, man-hating, feminist sits in the oval office. Women will lose their minds with hate.

The Female Not the Male is the Sexist

An unpublicized study reveals the nature of women, exposing an innate sisterhood between them which doesn't exist among men. I also believe this points to female solipsism and the general inability of women to even acknowledge that men exist. The study found a large ingroup bias among women that did not exist in men. Here's a link:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is God a noun?

The muslims believe the christians are idol worshippers among other things. They see the crucifix, the image of Christ on the cross, and believe that this is God. I understand their complaints.

The difficulty with religion is that it is an extremely abstract concept and these high concept abstractions are often lost on those who cannot follow it. They're best just told what to do to live a good, cooperative life with their fellow man as it's likely beyond their ability, intellectually and spiritually to truly grasp the concept of God.

The taoist acknowledge this. In fact, their sacred book the Tao Te Ching, begins with a warning. The Tao which can be told is not the eternal Tao. As nebulous and open to interpretation as the tao is one thing it is not is a noun.

God can only be idolized by first making Him a noun. A noun can be pictured in the mind and a person prays to christ on the cross, or to the image of christ on the cross as has be indelibly burned into their psyche. But god is ephemeral, best understood as a non-thing, both subject and verb and there lies the impossibility for language to grasp God and the impossibility of materialist and scientists to quantify God. If they struggle to understand quantum physics or string theory while denying anything immaterial then they'll never be able to understand God.

Nevertheless, in the mind's of the believe God often becomes an image. Where as religion is intended to bring union with God, a shift in consciousness, it is often lost on those who exploit its precepts or can't understand it.

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above.... Exodus 20:3

Idolatry worship is in the mind. This is where the muslims get it wrong. The image of the cross is not needed. Ideally, in prayer a Christian would never hold a picture of jesus in his mind nor an image of Michelangelo's God the bearded father in their head. The buddhist get this right. They hold no image of Buddha. That is idolatry as it limits God to a noun.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Rifle and The Drone

Democracy worked best around the time after the American Revolution. Democracy being a distribution of power among the people, there was one invention which lead to this being possible and tenable during the era, the rifle. Ubiquitous access to firearms was more liable for the American and French revolutions than was the Enlightenment era's philosophy of egalitarianismThe rifle made power distributable among the people more than the vote. Voting became an extension of that most carnal of power and since all power is derivative of violence then general equality of rich man and poor man armed with a flintlock rifle by necessity made them equals. God made man but Samuel Colt made them equal.

With the advance of military technology there is a push away from the common man. The 2nd amendment can be destroyed in two ways. One by revoking its status legally. Two by making the possession of firearms pose little threat to the state. The state has attempted both but has been more successful for the later.

Now we enter the age of the drone a nearly autonomous killing machine. At most a user inputs some data on a screen safely tucked away in a bunker somewhere and the drone kills a group of people or drops a bomb on a weapon's factory. It's like a video game.

There is really no division between state and citizen. The two are imagination. There is man with resources, the rich man and man without resources poor man. By voluntarily surrendering one's freedom a man may gain temporary access to certain resources. For example, a man in the military may gain access to a million dollar attack chopper but only while he wears a certain uniform. Regardless, the dichotomy remains rich man poor man and the gap between the two is ever widening.

Prior to the rifle there was the lancer, the swordsmen, and the archer. The problem with all three of these is similar. The amount of training it took to create an able bodied swordsmen was too long. The elite with the resources to allow someone to train a swordsmen were not apt to distribute this power to the peasants. The aristocracy held sway because no one could compete. Never doubt where power lay. It is brought from the willingness to murder another or it is phantasmal, illusionary, so much brainwashing on television. And so it took ten years to train a swordsmen and outfit him in armor. Then the rifle came and it took an afternoon to show a boy how to fire a rifle. He was now competitive with a 200 pound man in battle. The rifle destroyed the aristocracy as much as the guillotine did because it is technology which brings about changes.

The push to drones move power away from the people because the people do not have access to drones. That may or may not change but the rich man grows greater in strength because he can afford these million dollar death machines and the working class grows poorer. When drones become totally autonomous and hundreds of drones can perform patrol duties, surveillance, and serve arrest warrants without human insight the shift toward elite power will be nearly absolute. A few men will control the drones and the drone oversight and maintenance crew and anyone not them will be peasants. Humans are violent chimpanzees and no amount of modern liberalism and kindhearted diatribes have changed that.

The only way for power to be distributed evenly is not with voting but making sure everyone can kill each other. In particular, if the state fears the people, or the rich man fears the poor man, there can be peace. Otherwise, if the rich man has no need to restrain his inner psychopath, he won't.

Drones don't exist in vacuums however. There is another device that helps with power distribution. The internet allows for the free exchange of information. It's turned everyone's apartment into a television station allowing everyone to freely broadcast their thoughts to millions of others. Unfortunately, most people ignore all of this. Look for well thought out blogs and videos with insightful, educational commentary and you'll usually stumble over a writer that's struggling to get by or make a living from his craft for the specific reason that well thought out posts don't draw much attention. Commentary on relationships and celebrity gossip bring tenfold the attention as of a philosophical treatise on consciousness. But the internet has organized people. It is this era's rifle which has given some power to the people and stripped it away from the elite which is why internet freedom is just as important if not more so than the 2nd amendment. The days of the rifle defending freedom are gone. Liberty hangs on the wire, on youtube, on the blogs, and the web pages.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the feminization of the military

One day they'll push too far and some young man with ambition will realize he has no hopes of obtaining the rank he deserves through merit. He'll split off and take a lot of other angry young men with him. There's only so much transgender and gay praise a southern boy can take before he's had it and realizes that the military and the nation he believed in no longer existed. Then things get interesting. Real interesting.

When most people hear of secession and civil war they have an image of dumb rednecks with shotguns lead by Alex Jones. Then they say how impossible it is for citizens to fight the military which may or may not be true but the more likely scenario is of a schism within the military of highly trained, heavily armed soldiers performing a coup or going rogue against the military. So when the leftists imagine a revolt they always envision the military on THEIR side when any real civil war will have a military, political leaders, and infrastructure on both sides.

Considering that the majority of the military are all white, male, christian, conservatives who are being oppressed with leftist tolerance, the splinter faction scenario is possible. Another possibility is that the white christians simply stop joining the military and as diversity becomes the norm within the military we go the way of Rome and fill up the rank with foreigners and aliens. Similarly as Rome, once the decline accelerates the foreign born military will not hold loyalty to anyone and will turn to looting and piracy once the .gov checks stop rolling in.

But leftists don't live in reality. They long for ideals and not realism. For a society to function properly it must focus its intent on the mainstream of the culture not the outlier. The transgender is such a tiny minority that paying them any mind within the collective is wasted since their issues don't matter. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Should she lie about her N count?

I know what hell is

At the advice of my doctor I started a new drug. It would be the last time I took his advice.

For two weeks I took it only in small amounts. Twice a day I took the little blue pill. I needed help. I was desperate. My life, I had figured, would end if I didn't take something. I had nothing to lose as the only way out of my suffering was medication or suicide. So instead of ending my life I chose another option and found a doctor.

For the first few days I noticed nothing. No changes. No shift in thinking or feeling. Then one day I woke up but couldn't wake up. I grew scared. I was awake but my brain was in sleep mode. I wanted nothing to do with consciousness even though I had slept for over twelve hours. In a panic I decide that I would exercise to clear my head. This is when I knew something was wrong because as I went for a jog down the block the fogginess didn't leave and I nearly fell asleep. The sleep jogger. It passed and I thought nothing of it. Strange body. Strange things happen to me. 

Then a week later the disaster. I was working out hard, lifting weights in my apartment. I was doing upright rows, an exercise I'll never do again. Something snapped. My neck went stiff as a board and suddenly I felt terror ripple through me in a dark wave. Overcome, I huddled in the corner, unable to cry or face the light. Eventually, I called my father to take me to the emergency room.

They gave me some benzodiazepines to calm and wrote me a very small prescription. They told me to stop taking my medication. I did and stayed on the benzos until the prescription ran out.

Then hell. For two weeks I paced, tearing a track through the beige rug of my apartment. Back and forth I walked, incapable of stopping or sitting. The feelings of restlessness were too intense. Pulses shook up my legs. Warm flashes rushed through my neck, chest, and arms. If someone looked at me I would weep. I had no control. There was nothing stopping my emotions, no barrier between me and anyone else. I could not smile and for the first time in my life I could not laugh or tell a joke. No joy. No rest. Nothing but the endless pacing, the terror of being alive. The fear I would be abandoned, and the anxiety, the destructive anxiety that taught me what horror that never dies feels like. 

I returned to the hospital twice but they offered little help. When I saw my doctor again he refused to give me anything for the pain. At the time I had no desire to say or do anything to him but now I want to drive a knife through his heart. 

As I paced and paced my family grew worried. Everyone's lives stopped because they had to deal with me. I refused to leave them alone and suffer in silence. In two weeks I slept about ten hours. Laying in bed was excruciating. 

I searched the internet but found no help. I did locate one forum for people who had taken the drug I was on. The reports were similar to my own. I remember one woman writing, "I would not give this drug to Hitler." 

Slowly, things began to recede. After 14 days of pacing, of feeling my legs cramp up and spasm, the restlessness started to fade. I sat down. For ten minutes I sat in a chair. I started crying. I could sit down. I could sit in a chair. That night I even slept in a bed for three hours. 

Days went by and eventually it faded but it took years to fully recover. My neck still felt stiff and sore and I would occasionally bouts of restlessness and hot flashes in my body. 

I thought things in my life were bad and could never be worse but I learned what hell is. If you're going through hell then the best advice I can give is this. "This too shall pass." 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I competed against Jesus

I wanted to beat Jesus' record but I failed in the end. He is the superior man. I made it 22 days straight though. 22 days without food living only on water. I watched my muscle and fat wither from my body. I witnessed the true hierarchy of needs we experience because I lost all desire and thoughts of sex completely. Instead of sex fantasies I had food fantasies. Thoughts of cheeseburgers and fried chicken cajoled through my mind tempting me. Women were invisible to me. They held no interest and I knew that I cared for them no more than I cared for my next orgasm. Scars that I had on my arms and shoulders cleared away. My skin improved. I could sit still, not in any focused meditation, but just sit and stare at a tree without restlessness or boredom. The only intrusive thoughts I had were the same thing repeating. "Feed. Food. Gravy. Mashed potatoes." Eventually my will broke and I ate a salad, just some spinach in a bowl and nothing else. The flavor. The taste. I knew what food tasted like as no one who has gone without can understand.

Women make great car alarms

I often watch ASMR videos to relax and fall asleep. That and some of the girls that make them are really beautiful. I've noticed the popularity in ASMR has really grown lately. I think part of it is because of the tingles generated but also because of our lack of intimacy in relationships is dwindling with technology and text messaging. There are thousands of ASMR videos on youtube, most of them made by young, attractive females. Judging by the comment section I would guess that young men make up the majority of the viewership.
One theory I have is of the whispering woman. It connects with the intense desire that men have to bond with their mother in infancy which is actually a greater need than the female infant has. The whispering woman represents a peaceful surrounding, closeness, and intimacy between the boy and mother. One study did a test on subliminal messages. They had screen showing a series of images and then played various messages within the images. They noticed that a man’s heart rate would reduce after they showed the message, “mother and I are one.” The soft whispering of females would likely initiate this response and feelings of safety in men.
The contrast to this is the shrieking woman. Every man who hears a woman shriek will react bodily to it. If a woman whispering is a lullaby then the women shrieking is an alarm to danger. Notice in an emergency situation you will rarely hear a man shriek or even shout. Men grow very silent during an emergency, blood drains from their face, their skin turns pale, and their body is flooded with adrenaline. The shrieking woman is a call to arms.
About the hair pulling and spanking thing. They stimulate the same part of the brain which deals with sex. The two are inexorably linked. In females, the most likely response in our evolution would be for her to subdue a violent male by offering sex. The women who were not willing to sleep with a violent male would not survive. This helps explain a lot of the desires women can have for serial killers and criminals. Another theory is that alpha male behavior is a simulation of constrained violence. I’m not implying that alphas are violent only that their behavior represents a sublimated form of violence acceptable in modernity the same way that sports are a form of sublimated warfare.

Some manufacturers have caught onto this type of psychological response.  For example, they make baby rockers that rocks to the rhythm of a woman's steps as it simulates the sensations within the womb. Some even add a beating pulse, timed to the same rate of a woman's heart beat. Given that the first sound everyone hears is their mother's heart beating it's no surprise that to mimic the state of the womb will cause feelings of safety and relaxation. 

If car alarm companies really wanted to make someone pay attention to their sirens they would make it sound like a woman shrieking. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Your Job Could Get You Laid

LAMPS a theory of attraction by Donal Graeme that covers the biggest factors in sexual attraction. In this post I'm going to write about these attraction vectors and how they relate to some popular jobs. I'll be basing these assumptions on the obvious stereotypes for each profession and what I believe is the most common factors. There are outliers who don't fall into any of these categories. I know that. 

I use a point scoring system which grades based from -5 and +5. Looks is self-explanatory. Athleticism is not. For the sake of this article I consider the following questions when considering athleticism. Can they throw a football? Can they shoot a free throw? Can they punch a man in the face? Money is also self-explanatory but power is not. For power I break it into two areas. Personal power and social power. Personal power is the freedom someone has. Free time, ability to vacation, ability to relocate and choose job location is personal power. Social power is determined by one thing. Can they tell others what to do? For status I base most of it on whether they're given praise by movies or television. 

Unemployed: This is the lowest status a man can have unless he's wealthy or retired. 

  • Looks: Bad, the stereotype is that an unemployed man is an alcoholic bum who is a slob, unwashed, and dirty. -3 point.
  •  Athleticism: He's not working out too much either. He's probably ugly but his life has probably been harder than most. He's probably had to defend himself before so he can throw a punch. +1
  • Money: This one's obvious. -5
  • Power: This an odd position. What the homeless lack in power over others they often compensate for with power over themselves. That power translates into free time. They've got a lot of it. +2
  • Status: Get a job you hippie. -5
Overall Score: -10

The only way these men can improve is by getting a job. Any job is better than none. They can expect to have one night stands or short term flings. No relationships, no marriage, and no dating.


  • Looks: Neutral. Often physically fit but not exceptionally so. Most professions don't have looks stereotypes. 0
  • Athleticism: Firefighters are know for staying physically fit for their demanding jobs. +1 
  • Money: Low. Firefighters are not paid well. About average for most people but nothing that will stand out. score: +2
  • Power: They wear a uniform which is a sign of one's power and authority but they work long hours though and have no power over anyone. 0
  • Status: Firefighters are held in high esteem. Women buy calendar's with their nude bodies on it and more than one woman I know has a firefighter fetish. +4
Overall Score: 7

A firefighter will be highly attractive to a lot of women. He has all of the major areas covered. He may lack for some wealth but he'll make enough money to support a family. Highly attractive position worthy of the praise and status they receive. This job will increase your attractiveness overall. 

Tip: if you want to get laid on Halloween and have a good body then wear a firefighter outfit to a party and watch as the women literally molest you. 

Musician, Actor, Artist

This is a difficult profession to score. On one hand most people in entertainment are failures. Only the top 1% are successful. Entertainment is a top heavy career. But for those lucky few their status is propelled into the stratosphere. At the same time a celebrity is held as a god among men who can land nearly any woman he desires but the ones at the bottom are little better than unemployed.  

I'm not going to score this based on Brad Pitt. The top artists and entertainers receive the highest marks on this scale as they are +5 in all areas for a perfect +25. This scoring is for the average actor and musician.

  • Looks: Good. Sure there are some ugly people in entertainment and art but they all tend to focus on appearance more. There aren't throngs of overweight or ugly struggling actors because ugly people know they don't stand a chance. +3
  • Athleticism: While they're known for their looks they're not known for being very good athletes. They spend too much time spouting Shakespeare and not enough time at the gym. -2 
  • Money: Starving artists don't get that name because they're mildly successful. They're as broke as can be. This area is a failure. -4
  • Power: They have the move you. Plus they smoke weed without even caring and sleep in. +1
  • Status: High. For whatever reason we grant artists high status even if they're unsuccessful. Musicians top this one out because they easily display their talent to others. Writers are the least desired because it's harder for others to see their work and they have a smaller audience. +4
Overall Score: 2

A struggling artist can use his talent to land some women so long as he can display it. His lack of money and athleticism are a hindrance to any long term relationship.  Don't expect to marry or for girls to stay around for an encore. 

Anyone unemployed should learn an art, particularly music. You can then use it as an excuse for being worthless and fool some women into sleeping with you. You can't start a family You can probably have a few short term relationships until they realize you're never going to be Tommy Lee.

Service Sector:

I'm defining the service sector as anyone who is in restaurant or retail work. This includes most of the managers. A grocery store manager is a trumped up stock boy who makes the schedules and orders more vegetables. Someone like a janitor is also included. This is a big area so I'm limiting it to only two. Restaurants and Walmarts for the most part. 

  • Looks: Have you ever been to Walmart?  There's nothing very special about this. They're not going to be fit or need to look good. -1
  • Athleticism: stocking shelves or helping a customer load their big screen TV is not going to get anyone jacked. Forget it. They're unathletic and unfit. -1
  • Money: These guys are barely ranked above the hippies who are unemployed and the starving artists. While some waiters can make good money most don't. +2
  • Power: None. This is wage slavery. They command nothing and no one. They have no time or freedom and little money to show for it. Subsistence living. -3
  • Status: At least he has a job. +1
Overall Score: -5

This is the lowest status job you can have. The money isn't good, the work sucks, the customers are annoying, and most women will be out your reach. If you're doing this job at 30 don't expect much.


Engineers are so smart and every girls says she loves intelligent guys. Well not really because these guys might be able to design a bridge but they don't have the kind of intelligence women are attracted to, verbal skills. 

  • Looks: Low. Dorky nerds go into engineering and everyone knows it. Acne and pocket protectors come to mind when thinking about an engineer. -3
  • Athleticism: If you threw these guys a football they could calculate the wind speed velocity and accurately pinpoint the trajectory based upon advanced calculus but they'd probably get knocked in the head with the ball instead of catching it. -5
  • Money: This is where these guys shine. As they come into their thirties they're going to start making some real money. Straight out of college engineers make more than any other degree. If they go to work for the oil and gas companies they'll be in the top percent of earners in the country. +5
  • Power: Their money will grant them some power to control their lives but they are chained to a corporate desk job. The power they acquire through their money will be wasted because they'll be enslaved by the first woman that gives them any sex. -1
  • Status: The engineer is still held as low status but that has been changing in recent years. There are TV shows about this type of person now and the status has shifted somewhat. It's still not much of a job to drop on a woman to impress her but it's getting better. 0
Overall Score: -4

The engineer struggles with a lot of these metrics. He can expect to be a lonely virgin until he reaches 30 and women want to have children. Then he can expect one of them to snatch him up, sex him up, and ship him off to work for her. Good for a living but bad for a sex life. 


You save lives or give women boob jobs. They love you. This is the highest status job an American man can expect to have if he wants a beautiful wife.  Before Obama care and the influx of female doctor's make this profession low status and low pay you can expect a lot from this line of work. It's not for everyone though and the doctor does not score high on all areas.

  • Looks: Neutral. Doctors are not known for their looks and all of the tv shows about them aren't going to change that. They know a lot about the body though so they score neutral because they genuinely take care of themselves. 0
  • Athleticism: I wouldn't trust a doctor to throw down in a bar fight with me even if he could fix my jaw afterwards. They're known for reading books not tossing around footballs. However, he's not without his own form of protection. Any man who knows how to heal someone also knows how to kill them.  0
  • Money: Glorious. They're paid more than the other jobs on here. Some doctors might earn lower wages then the engineers but only if they choose the wrong specialties. Pediatrics and general practitioners being the worst paying. Still, doctors are making more than anyone. +5
  • Power: Forget it. Most doctors work for hospitals. They work long hours and are slaves to their employers and the insurance company.  They have little free time as they can be on call often. They're situation is better if they have private practice but only marginally. However, the doctor is saved because he has the power of life and death over others.  +1
  • Status: Very high. This will continue as long as shows like ER, Grey's Anatomy, and Scrubs keep showing doctors on television. However, they lose some points because people are slowly becoming fed up with cold hearted doctors pushing drugs on people who don't need them. +4
Overall Score: 10

The doctor can expect status and respect from his profession but it comes at a great cost. Lots of school, debt, and stress is what his life will be like. He can expect little freedom over his life. His status is shrinking as more abuse within medicine and the drug companies becomes widespread. Also, obamacare is going to cripple doctors and make their lives even worse. 

Take this job if you like helping people and want a hot wife, a nice home, and don't mind giving up your freedom. Not for everyone. 

Blue Collar/Trades:  Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, welders, roofers all fall into this category.

  • Looks: plumbers crack. Not known for their fine appearances. -2
  • Athleticism: Jocks in high school. They can punch, throw, and kick even if they years of picking up scrap have slowed them down. +2
  • Money: Decent. They're above most in the service sector. They have a reliable trade that will always be in demand so they won't be out of work much. They can support a family though. +3
  • Power: Little to none. Most jobs offer very little power and this one is no exception. They may have more personal power than most but very little. -1
  • Status: Neutral. Even if these guys make more than a corporate slave they're still considered low status. I've never seen a TV show about plumbers, Super Mario excluded. 0
Overall Score: +2

Average job. You can expect an average wife and an average life. Nothing too drastic. Nothing unstable. Lots of tedium, boredom, and lots of work. 

Business Owner

  • Looks: Neutral. There's no stereotype about this group concerning looks. The type of people that open a business is wide ranging. 0
  • Athleticism: Expect lots of confident men to open businesses and become CEOs. They're leaders and are above average in fitness levels. +2
  • Money: The potential for great money is there even if it never manifests. Women will often be attracted to potential millionaires. It's like playing the lottery for them. Unfortunately, most businesses fail and having a steady income might not happen. +1
  • Power: You got it baby. Put your minions to work. Both social and personal power are yours. You can vacation when you want and command your underlings to do whatever you want. However, as your business grows and you gain more power over others you will lose power over yourself. You will become a slave to your job and work at it 24/7. +3
  • Status: America loves to tout about business owners. They have positive social status but not as great as doctors or firefighters. +2
Overall Score: 8

They fall just below doctors. They score well on nearly all areas. They are leaders and can make good money. They are attractive to women and carry no negative status. Except to receive above the average lifestyle depending on success.

Drug Dealer:

  • Looks: I've seen a few ugly ass drug dealers. -1
  • Athleticism: Gang bangers will fuck you up. +3
  • Money: I score this very low. But they got bank, I can hear you say. They got fifties on the top and hundreds on the bottom. Yah, they do for about five years and then they rot in a jail cell. -5
  • Power: They'll fucking kill you and they do what they want. Ultimate power. +5
  • Status: Thank to the endless stream of gangster movies their status is very high. This wasn't always so. Before gangsters were cool criminals were considered low status. Hollywood changed all of that. +4
Overall Score: 6

Their time as dons and kingpins is limited. They run hotter than any other profession for a few years and then go cold as an igloo. While they're free and alive they're attractiveness to women is very high but overall they're failures. 

If death and prison doesn't faze you then this job won't be so bad.

There are other jobs I could cover but this list is expansive enough. There are some very high status jobs that don't fall into this category. Personal trainers, soldiers, and police officers can score very high as well. Overall, I think firefighter is the best profession for a few good reasons. She'll never balk at telling her friends what you do. She'll be turned on by the uniform and you'll have enough money so that she'll feel as though she's enslaved a winner.

How does your job stack up?