Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Female Not the Male is the Sexist

An unpublicized study reveals the nature of women, exposing an innate sisterhood between them which doesn't exist among men. I also believe this points to female solipsism and the general inability of women to even acknowledge that men exist. The study found a large ingroup bias among women that did not exist in men. Here's a link:

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  1. Good find. It's one of the concepts that seems to be ignored in the Manosphere/PUA blogs (that women prefer womanly men over manly men) because of their obsession with 'chasing tail'. It blinds them to the true nature of women: that they are herd creatures, and in truth have a distinct malevolence towards all things manly.

    Womans preference for all that is womanly even turns up in their choice of sexual partners:

    - In fact females, if given a free choice, will prefer males who express female characteristics. This is because of the ‘selfishness of the gene’ (Dawkins): the gene promotes itself. This explains, for example, the female affinity for homosexuals: male homosexuals express female characteristics. -

    If PUAs/Game-ers (including the 'Christian' gamers) stopped obsessing over chasing/pandering to women, then they would be alot better off.