Thursday, July 25, 2013

If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

Back when Obama got elected the first time I thought it might bring about some change in race. I thought the racial ideologues would back off with their white racist witch hunts. How can a country be racist if it elected a black man? I was wrong. The anti-racism spiel seemed to intensify if anything.

The same will happen with a female president. If you think a female president will make the feminists back off you're mistaken. It will embolden them and they'll roll out even more blatant female supremacist laws and misandrous organizations. The stories that will come out of the media will make The End of Men article look pro-male.

Just wait until a lesbian, man-hating, feminist sits in the oval office. Women will lose their minds with hate.


  1. It happened in Australia. Any time any male questioned her in Parliament there was a fear that she'd start screeching about sexism. It got so bad that the opposition party started putting their female members to pose the questions, lest they be howled down.
    She even put her boyfriend up to the position of Men's Health Advocate when he had no experience in the field except of his own as a hairdresser.
    The man he replaced was a fathers rights advocate with a background in male suicide.
    Nope, we need a hairdresser to push for Men's Health Issues.
    Some even thought that he'd have the ear of the PM so things might get done. They did, in that she brought in the Australian VAWA laws, but male suicide is worse than ever here.
    She committed $320 million to aid women in island countries with their careers, but only $8 million for Men's suicide services.

    1. America always does the big thing so I expect pure fucking insanity.

  2. "...will make The End of Men article look pro-male. "

    That article WAS pro-male. The point was, "No, this is NOT the end of men. Men are still very relevant and they will remain so going forward."