Friday, July 26, 2013

The City-State and The Internet

There may be an inverse correlation with moral agency and technological advance. The past didn't have democracy which politicizes EVERYONE who still assumes their vote matters. Politics makes people miserable. At least it does for me and I've considered giving up any political theory in favor of spiritual development.

If you take the vote away from everyone then no one will care about issues or politics. They'll focus on themselves and their own lives which is why I believe people outside of a democracy would be happier. The games of power are sickening. It's like the ring of power from the Lord of the Rings. The more you wield it the more you want to wield it and the sicker you become. Not even the noble hobbits were immune to the corruption of the ring of power.

The past didn't have social media nor all of the connective communication devices that we do today. The positive is that there is a growing movement of disdain for the current political and social climate. While the voices on the left, right, and center are divergent on the aims of a successful society they are united in their general enmity of the current status quo and are eager for change. Real change and not the BS Obama change.

The vision I have for the future is humility. One of diversity of thought and coexistence of various ideologies. I begin with humility. I am not God and I do not know what's best for everyone. I know only what I want, if that. I can decide for myself. I control my own life and have no need for power over others. But to bring that about diversity of thought there must be an end to universalism. The idea of big government must be put to rest.

The city-state is a social construct where autonomous states may govern themselves as they wish. This is similar to the United States prior to the tyrant Abraham Lincoln imposing his universalist thought onto everyone. But these city-states would not be limited to 50 or any other arbitrary number. It would allow for states to grow and govern as they see fit. A christian state could be born, a theocratic christian state run under the principles of the Bible, so long as it agreed to exist peacefully next to other autonomous states. This breeds independence to people and true diversity. Diversity of lifestyle where the Christian would not fear a secularized media and school system. It would have no need to brainwash children or force them to conform to its ideas of equality and secular thought.

The left could have their paradise. They could have their free and just world without gender or race or religion. But they never want that because theirs is a spirit of a parasite latched onto the greater beast.

We only need to look to the internet to see the future. The groups that form along various websites are similar to the pairings of the city-states that would form. The homosexuals could have their own state. Let them. The catholics and the muslims could form theirs as well. And any other who would choose to do such a thing. The internet communities that we see could very well be the models of future societies.

We are fortunate to live in these times as we may see this come about. The government has spent beyond its means. The trillions in unfunded liabilities can never be paid which means a downsizing, which means they'll lose power. Hopefully, the angst of the populace will not allow them to regrow back to their former state after it collapses. I don't think it will because I don't think it will need to.

Certain technologies such as 3D printing will redistribute the population away from cities. We can see the growth of universalist thought along with the growth of the city. People forced to live in close proximity to each other must conform to a certain rigidity of thought in order for it to function. But as the industrial world collapses because of a decentralization of industry in the form of 3D printing then it's likely the same will trigger an exodus from the city.

It is need which defines us. People need food and they need jobs. When the jobs are all in the cities then the people will all be in the cities. When the jobs are decentralized then the people will not be there. Most people do not like most people and most people will be happie choosing where and what form of society they live under. But for any of this to work a vitriolic hatred of universalism must be burned into everyone's mind.


  1. In addition to living peacefully with their neighbors, anyone who wants to leave should be allowed to, not that the other city/states have to allow just anyone residence.

  2. "A christian state could be born, a theocratic christian state run under the principles of the Bible, so long as it agreed to exist peacefully next to other autonomous states."

    Sounds like a Utopian ideal. But it wouldn't work. I don't have "faith" that all these diverse city-states would agree to exist peacefully around each other.