Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the feminization of the military

One day they'll push too far and some young man with ambition will realize he has no hopes of obtaining the rank he deserves through merit. He'll split off and take a lot of other angry young men with him. There's only so much transgender and gay praise a southern boy can take before he's had it and realizes that the military and the nation he believed in no longer existed. Then things get interesting. Real interesting.

When most people hear of secession and civil war they have an image of dumb rednecks with shotguns lead by Alex Jones. Then they say how impossible it is for citizens to fight the military which may or may not be true but the more likely scenario is of a schism within the military of highly trained, heavily armed soldiers performing a coup or going rogue against the military. So when the leftists imagine a revolt they always envision the military on THEIR side when any real civil war will have a military, political leaders, and infrastructure on both sides.

Considering that the majority of the military are all white, male, christian, conservatives who are being oppressed with leftist tolerance, the splinter faction scenario is possible. Another possibility is that the white christians simply stop joining the military and as diversity becomes the norm within the military we go the way of Rome and fill up the rank with foreigners and aliens. Similarly as Rome, once the decline accelerates the foreign born military will not hold loyalty to anyone and will turn to looting and piracy once the .gov checks stop rolling in.

But leftists don't live in reality. They long for ideals and not realism. For a society to function properly it must focus its intent on the mainstream of the culture not the outlier. The transgender is such a tiny minority that paying them any mind within the collective is wasted since their issues don't matter. 


  1. have you considered that there might be a reason why feminists are, finally, now pushing for full military integration?

    like the possibility that the foot soldier will soon be obsolete in this world of drones anyway?

    and that this might also explain the recent arrogance of our leaders?

    that we're entering an age when the threat of government violence [needed for governments to control their subjects] is no longer dependent on the compliance of MEN who, up till now, have been needed to carry out that violence in the name of the state?

  2. Yes, I've thought of that before. I'll write a post about my thoughts on that.