Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Women make great car alarms

I often watch ASMR videos to relax and fall asleep. That and some of the girls that make them are really beautiful. I've noticed the popularity in ASMR has really grown lately. I think part of it is because of the tingles generated but also because of our lack of intimacy in relationships is dwindling with technology and text messaging. There are thousands of ASMR videos on youtube, most of them made by young, attractive females. Judging by the comment section I would guess that young men make up the majority of the viewership.
One theory I have is of the whispering woman. It connects with the intense desire that men have to bond with their mother in infancy which is actually a greater need than the female infant has. The whispering woman represents a peaceful surrounding, closeness, and intimacy between the boy and mother. One study did a test on subliminal messages. They had screen showing a series of images and then played various messages within the images. They noticed that a man’s heart rate would reduce after they showed the message, “mother and I are one.” The soft whispering of females would likely initiate this response and feelings of safety in men.
The contrast to this is the shrieking woman. Every man who hears a woman shriek will react bodily to it. If a woman whispering is a lullaby then the women shrieking is an alarm to danger. Notice in an emergency situation you will rarely hear a man shriek or even shout. Men grow very silent during an emergency, blood drains from their face, their skin turns pale, and their body is flooded with adrenaline. The shrieking woman is a call to arms.
About the hair pulling and spanking thing. They stimulate the same part of the brain which deals with sex. The two are inexorably linked. In females, the most likely response in our evolution would be for her to subdue a violent male by offering sex. The women who were not willing to sleep with a violent male would not survive. This helps explain a lot of the desires women can have for serial killers and criminals. Another theory is that alpha male behavior is a simulation of constrained violence. I’m not implying that alphas are violent only that their behavior represents a sublimated form of violence acceptable in modernity the same way that sports are a form of sublimated warfare.

Some manufacturers have caught onto this type of psychological response.  For example, they make baby rockers that rocks to the rhythm of a woman's steps as it simulates the sensations within the womb. Some even add a beating pulse, timed to the same rate of a woman's heart beat. Given that the first sound everyone hears is their mother's heart beating it's no surprise that to mimic the state of the womb will cause feelings of safety and relaxation. 

If car alarm companies really wanted to make someone pay attention to their sirens they would make it sound like a woman shrieking. 

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  1. A mother's love is really priceless that no one could ever replace.