Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I competed against Jesus

I wanted to beat Jesus' record but I failed in the end. He is the superior man. I made it 22 days straight though. 22 days without food living only on water. I watched my muscle and fat wither from my body. I witnessed the true hierarchy of needs we experience because I lost all desire and thoughts of sex completely. Instead of sex fantasies I had food fantasies. Thoughts of cheeseburgers and fried chicken cajoled through my mind tempting me. Women were invisible to me. They held no interest and I knew that I cared for them no more than I cared for my next orgasm. Scars that I had on my arms and shoulders cleared away. My skin improved. I could sit still, not in any focused meditation, but just sit and stare at a tree without restlessness or boredom. The only intrusive thoughts I had were the same thing repeating. "Feed. Food. Gravy. Mashed potatoes." Eventually my will broke and I ate a salad, just some spinach in a bowl and nothing else. The flavor. The taste. I knew what food tasted like as no one who has gone without can understand.


  1. >I lost all desire and thoughts of sex completely.<

    Yeah there are people who live 'calorie restricted' diets and IIRC they have lower levels of testosterone than the average John Doe.

    22 days though?! Astounding! How much weight did you lose?

    1. I think about 40 lbs. About 2 lbs a day.