Saturday, June 22, 2013

A libertarian president would fail

The average female voter is a moron whose voting strategies probably consists of who has the shiniest button or smiles the most during his speeches. But I can see a Margaret Thatcher style woman with Libertarian ideology winning the White House. Small government. Free markets. Gun rights. And if she was anti-feminist men would line up to lick her boot heels. Most men are beta and just want a pat on the head from the women before being sent off to serve her.

But anyone who is a Libertarian in today's world will fail. They've had zero success. If Ron Paul won the election it would be a catastrophe. As much as I love what he says, I have to concede the truth. He'd try to downsize .gov and the people would protest, turning to rioting, and the national guard would be sent in within months of his inaugural address. He would be forced to resign and everyone would say "never again" to anyone like him.

That's the danger of libertarianism. We've crossed the rubicon into state dependence for too many people to turn it back without calamity.


  1. Couldn't agree more. You can't change people's minds if it conflicts with their self interest.

  2. I very much agree too! And peoples self interest is the perception of which politician pays them the most.

  3. Libertarian ideas are all theoretical and unworkable. A libertarian president would fail because a libertarian utopia is a pipe dream.