Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why I'm a misanthrope

Ever notice that billionaires always seem to support the status quo? Why would they want to change a system they've been so successful i?. If things changed they might not be on top. Therefore, it's only logical to assume that the majority of misanthropes will come from the lower classes. If more become broke than more will hate the system that broke them.

Why am I a misanthrope? Everything is terrible.

1. Music terrible
2. Movies are terrible
3. Books are terrible
4. women are terrible
5. men are terrible
7. my math skills are terrible
8. marriage is terrible
9. the government is terrible
10. the media is terrible
11. education is terrible
12. the economy is terrible
13. the food is terrible
14. religion is terrible
15. atheism is terrible
16. Health is terrible
17. Laws are terrible

Quick, try and think of something that isn't terrible or broken. Anything come to mind?

To make this fair and balanced which I always never strive for let's consider what isn't terrible.

1. Technology is great
2. everything else sucks

Why does anyone think the future is going to be any better?

Terrible doesn't make not terrible. It just produces more terrible.

If you aren't irritated by the state of things today you are either.

1. doped to your eyeballs on medication
2. retarded
3. a billionaire
4. Intentionally ignorant. I envy you.


  1. OMing 4 A New AmericaJune 14, 2013 at 3:45 PM

    I think you need to put "American" before all (at least most) of those and that's why its terrible.

    I love many people in my country (USA) and find them to be generally friendly, but there is no philosophy of life here. That is why most of the stuff you listed sucks. No culture here whatsoever.

    I joined an ashram when I was a teenager to escape it all and then I left for good when I was 25 (foreign travel, living in South Asia).

    There is good and bad everywhere but at least that part of the world has a philosophy of life and cultures.

    Anway, my advice to you is: world travel.

    Until then, take up some cognitive meditation and breathing practice.

    Just throw out all of your American so called "music" and check out some classical genres, both Western and Eastern.

    Om Tat Sat

    1. You're right. When you're born in a desert it's easy to see the world as covered in sand.