Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Red Pill: My Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole

In college I was a liberal, feminist, full of white guilt who empathized with the underdog. I genuinely thought things would be better if we gave all the power to women because I saw them as compassionate and loving. Irrational and controlled by their emotions, yes. But they loved more and would take care of everyone like a mother tends to her babe.

Then I met reality. I was never exposed to the fact that women aren't the compassionate, loving sex that they say they are. Now I see female empowerment as enslavement. They compromise freedom for security because they're comfortable being well-kept slaves. But I would have happily drifted through my beta life had I not seen the hate that feminists, and to a lesser degree, women have toward men. It shocked me. I woke up in the most jarring, disturbing, trauma-inducing way possible. All my dreams of a nice house and a beautiful, loving wife and family were shattered. I swallowed the red pill and tumbled down the rabbit hole.

I had always related to rebels, to fighter, and revolutionaries. As a kid I loved the Revolutionary War. I loved to learn about fighting and triumphing against tyranny. I thought that one day I would fight in a war like that against the government. Even as a kid I was a future revolutionary. So it was easy for me to relate to conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones lead into David Icke and he led into various New Age conspiracy theories and then to the Zeitgeist films. I remember watching them when they first came out and was amazed. But a part of me was disappointed. All of this stuff I had watched on the internet for years and nothing ever happened. Nothing changed. There didn't seem to be some great awakening and I thought the same thing with the Zeitgeist films. Fun to watch but nothing more than that.

I was wrong though. Zeitgeist is on netflix and is being watched by millions of people. Agree or disagree with the premise of the film, it's getting attention and has some devoted followers. Change, big change, real change, and not the Obama-laced-poison change, is coming.

Now the statements of Zeitgeist are being echoed all across the web. People are aware of technological unemployment, robot revolutions, and a drastically changing society.

Eventually, Zeitgeist led me to Stefan Molyneux and to the ideas of anarcho capitalism.  Molyneux was exactly what I wanted. He had it all. He could explain everything in clear, logical reasoning. He had so much of the philosophical work on the subject done. It was a joy to sit back and listen to him extol the virtues of anarchy with perfect logic.

I signed up at his forums and started posting. Years ago, I had taken my first draught of the red pill but I had rejected it. I couldn't face the truth about women. I didn't know where to turn or what to do. But one day on Molyneux's forum, someone linked a heartistse article and with much caution and some fear, I dared to take my first steps into the manosphere.

I was shocked. Everything was much more advanced than I thought. Everything was laid out. Game. Hypergamy. Attraction. Philosophy. Society. It was so much more developed than I thought it would be. My assumption was that it was a tiny community, a few blogs and nothing more. Eventually, it lead me to MGTOW, to the reactionaries, to the PUAs, and onward and they all seemed to vibe with my anarchistic sensibility.

But this wasn't just a community I wanted to observe.  I had things to say. I had spent a big bulk of my life picking up bits of wisdom, studying religion and philosophy, and trying to understand as much of human behavior as possible. I felt I needed to share that information with others. I had some insights into things that others lacked and I wanted to join a community of like minded people, so I began this blog.

Originally, it was only intended to be a blog on philosophy. I wrote a few pieces, read some more writing, and then abandoned it for several years while I struggled with isolation and depression which followed my post-college years.

Now that I've spent some months in the manosphere, I no longer feel the need to read any of the feminists blabber. I don't read much of any mainstream media sources. They are all wretched hives of intellectual dishonesty endlessly spouting statistics and studies which only further their cause while conveniently ignoring anything to the contrary.

So I don't feel the need to contribute to disseminating the feminist claptrap. That's already been done. For me, I focus on a holistic approach. For example, when someone asks if I support gay marriage, I rebut with a question. "Do you know the long term consequences involved with making marriage gay?" The change will not only affects individual but marriage as a whole.

Taking a holistic approach, instead of individualist, to its extreme is to ask the BIG QUESTIONS. And that's what I do. I let others deal with the details. That's not my forte and that's what I hope to contribute to the manosphere.

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  1. all contributions to the community are vital. every voice is important. we may not always agree, but we're all brothers.

    stay up.

  2. I disagree with you on gay marriage but agree with you on almost everything else.I am reading your blog everyday from here on out.

    1. I didn't state my opinion on gay marriage. Just asked people to consider the consequences.

  3. I'm older than many of the folks active in the Manosphere. I got here late in life. I still have a very strong desire for children, but I don't see any practical way to make it happen. For me to get involved with someone young enough to safely have children would subject both of us to such great social disapproval that I doubt any woman could stand up to it. Maybe if I hunted down some of the fringe religious groups I could manage, but even that is a long shot and would require me to keep my mouth shut and put on the right sort of act to make it work.

    Anyway, you're on the list of blogs I follow regularly. I'm looking forward to reading more of what you have to say.

  4. Another anarchist! You little bewdy!

  5. Hey, thanks for posting, first read, found you through the Viva La Manosphere site. I was going to comment on Gay Marriage - but it really doesn't matter - because I believe we should just get rid of the word marriage and use the word "Civil Union" - because from what I can tell, it's the "rights of marriage" the Gays are after - although I guess you could say it's legitimacy also - but once again, what's that, even between in a traditional marriage between a man and woman. There is no legitimacy in marriage.