Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Slaves of the Free Market

If we're to divide people into natural masters and natural slaves, the free market allows for both to prosper. But with further nationalization, that becomes impossible. Everyone is forced into wage slavery. The democrats hide behind the poor, blaming everyone and everything except their own socialist policies which are the source of the problem. The state always has a paradoxical effect. Whatever they touch is the opposite of the desired intent. The war on poverty increased poverty. The war on drugs increased drugs. And the leftist answer is always the same. More left, captain!

So the natural master gets to start his own business and be his own king. While the natural slave gets to serve a master and earn a paycheck. No one ever points out that if democracy is so great than why don't businesses use the same model. In fact, a corporation looks an awful lot like a monarchy or *gasp* fascism. Democracy doesn't work. If it did the free market would utilize it. The same goes for relationships. Someone needs to be the boss.

Any time a business is made public it enters into stasis. There is no need to compete and corporations known for innovation stagnate. They make poor products sold at high prices because they can or they lose money and are a drain on everyone.

In a free market a monopoly can only exist by providing a superior product at the lowest possible price. Inevitably, the company hires some doofus who doesn't innovate and the company faces a young upstart company who is hungry and eager to make their mark.

This is the danger of the professional lobbyist who goes to washington. A car manufacturer goes to congress and says we need more car manufacturing laws, licenses, and regulations.  Lobbyist fight for MORE regulation, not less. They know that the cost of the new codes and licensing will be less than that of the competition. That's what we have today. Basically, a corporate democracy which is culturally marxist. The slaves all get to believe they're equal and the natural masters get depressed, angry, turn to crime, or game, or try and start revolutions.

Same problems as before under the old Roman system. Natural masters are the dilemma. So most of them are kicked out of school. They reject education as being lame. Some think they're stupid. Some actually are. Others get doped up on ADD meds until they're brains are mush. Only a few make it to adulthood intact, educated, and not broken by a system which strives daily to break their will.

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