Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Feminists Are Like That

Humans join groups. They associate with one another for various reasons. We sell our labor to a business. We join a movement to instill some social reform. We associate with one another for mutual self-interest. When someone joins an ideologically driven group they cannot separate themselves from the foundation of that group's belief. Not through ignorance nor any erroneous claims to individualism.

And these groups share a particular set of core beliefs. That's the reason we join or identify with a group. Otherwise it wouldn't be a collective. The details of each individual are superfluous to the collective as a whole. When a woman makes the claim that "all feminists aren't like that," what she's really saying is that she is not like that. She's the exemption. She's the feminist who doesn't hate men. There were Nazis who didn't hate Jews but they still saluted the fuhrer.

"By their fruit you shall recognize them." Matthew 7:16.

Gendercide is the norm not the exception. When women call for the extermination of men they do it while reading from the feminist playbook. It's not the exception. It's not some far reaching conclusion. It's the perfection of an ideal. It's the natural solution for feminists. The feminist who screams for gendercide is the ideal feminist since she takes the doctrine to its logical conclusion. The problem with fundamental feminism is the fundamentals of feminism.

The fish rots from the head down.

That's the foundation your hate movement is built on. There's no skirting around the issue. While the drapes in a house might be beige or chartreuse the foundation of the house is still built of brick and mortar. The house might be painted bright pink, but it's still a house. You can dress feminism up as something other than the world's largest hate movement but underneath her gown is the soiled underpants of bigotry and hate. Identifying with a group is to accept its fundamental beliefs as your own. The details of each individual within that group are redundant to the whole.

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