Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Squared Circle

The right is aptly named because its best geometric representation is a square, an object of all right angles. Consequently  the left is best shown as a circle, an organic form. If there are no right angles in nature than where does the right angle arise? From man imposing himself and his nature on the world. With the right angle we build, create, and produce. With the organic we love, shelter, and care for.

I believe in the law of opposites. That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The world is too complex for me to understand. As the more I learn the more I realize I am a fool bumbling in the dark, unable to see the pit I'm about to stumble into. Knowing that I try and reduce everything to it's most finite form, its fundamental principle, ignoring everything else as superfluous detail. The difficulty lies in finding that seminal root which is often difficult to find.

Whenever making a prediction of the future the important thing is not to predict the past or the present. The past is always changing, diluted by the desires of present day academia to impose their will on all of time and should be treated with constant suspicion. Curiosity will carry you further than certainty but at the cost of comfort. It is no surprise then that those already the least comfortable are the most likely to challenge the predominant paradigm.

Most people never predict the future or understand it at all. It is the most complex subject. When the 1950s showed the future they didn't show the future. They showed advanced technology but they showed the current social trend. They forgot the most important part about the future, who would be running all those machines.

Confirmation bias and our desires pervert our ability of prescience. We see selectively what we want to see and then stand in disappointment when our vision does not correlate to reality.But making a prediction about the future is not hard so long as we understand the fundamentals of the present. It will be the future. It will be different. That I guarantee.

Where have we moved in Western society? We have marched: left, left, left, left without missing a step. We have denied reality at every opportunity and allowed emotion to dominate reason. We have circled the square to the point of strangulation and built a world of confusion, anxiety, and decay where emotion rules and logic is ridiculed as oppressive.

It's not just in Texas, everything is big everywhere. We have big people, big cars, big government, big debt, big military, big police, big cities, big pharma, big sugar, big business, and big babies masquerading as adults. That is where we are today.

The future will not be like it is today. We'll drift left some more but there's already signs that the USS Leftship has peripheral hull damage and is taking in water. Nothing lasts forever (except forever) and knowing what I do about that whole cause and effect thing I can make a pretty accurate assessment of the future.

The right is swift and fierce and the left slow and patient. The left is a slow burn, a choking gas that drains the oxygen from the room. The right is conflagration. I can't say the face of the future but I can tell you its body's outline and I am certain of one thing. It will look nothing like it does today.

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