Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everyone has an agenda

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Minutes after a bomb went off at the Boston marathon the political left was doing what it does best, turning an event into an ideology. Chris Matthews blamed a particular group moments after the bomb went off: the right. It seems like every internet group out there is longing to further their agenda using this bomb.  A bomb which killed several people and wounded hundreds is used as political reform.  It's not just the left either who wants in on the naming and moralising. The loudest voice is the left and they are desperately trying to blame straight white men for the deed. Regardless of the fact that Matthews is a straight white male is not important.  He is dedicated to something greater than himself.

How can someone make sense of the white anti-white racist? Only by understanding the motivations of a suicide bomber can we begin to unravel this mystery.

The left and the right - the true right, the new right - are divided along lines of human nature. Even the word human nature is repugnant to those among the left as they most fastidiously claim that nature does not exist. There exists only human behavior, so they claim. The blank slate theory of humanity states that no one is born with any innate intelligence or proclivity to certain behaviors based on their race or gender. Even when the blank slates are forced to face overwhelming evidence that evolutionary differences exist and these differences are not relegated to the neck and downward, the claim is still the same. We are all the same. The right believes otherwise.

This is where the dichotomy of the new right and the left takes place, evolution. This is why the left inhabits the halls of the social sciences. They can pervert and distort any history or discovery which doesn't suit their ends. And when the left views history it is like reading a horror novel. The leftist sees only the tragedy of the past, the ignorance, the crisis, and exalts the glory of the future. In the words of Emanuel  "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." And the most serious crisis is all of history which must be either obliterated or obfuscated to further their agenda.

Man is a sacrificial beast. But a man will only sacrifice for something out of honor. Honor in our nihilistic culture has been forgotten. Now the only hints of honor are the images of Japanese warriors slicing open their guts to make amends to some wrong to their lord. But this idea of honor does not convey the principle behind it. To have honor is to value something greater than yourself.  This honor can be transmuted into many different things, to a nation, a family, or an ideology. Honor is not to refute death but to embrace it. Man is the only animal which places his own head on the sacrificial altar.

Honor is the will of the suicide bomber but it is also the will of Chris Matthews and all of the white anti-white racists. It is suicidal in physical form but because these men believe in something greater than themselves they can place their heads on the altar without remonstration. Matthews advocates death and suicide just as much as the Jihadists. Their hope is that they will live on through their ideology.

The master never submits. Submission is the place of the slave. The slave is who values nothing more than the self. The slave is without honor. Only the master can sacrifice. Only the master can make his will manifest. The cry of the master is 'death before domination.' But in the master's domination - in his honor - is also a submission to a higher ideal, to something greater. If a human can hold nothing greater than the self they are no greater than any animal.

Murder is not a tragedy anymore. It's an ideology. Whether some mass shooter has an intent for political reform or not, it's an ideology to everyone who survives. If he's white it's used against whites. If he's black it's by whites against the anti-whites. If he's asian it's used to promote gun control. If' it's a bomb its against the Muslims. It's hard to see the victims for what they are when the event itself is denigrated before the ideology. Today everyone has an agenda and no crisis is without its political reform. If the left reads a history book like a horror story than there is no end to remunerations for the tragedies.


Good post at The Observer Watches noticing the bevy of anti-white racism.

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