Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Future: Part 2

Not all things are as they appear. Many people hear these predictions and think I'm nuts. I'm some war monger. But the truth is that the signs for Civil War were there in 1861 when Lincoln took office but no one wanted to listen. Lincoln mentioned nothing of war in his inaugural address and made no threats against the South but war seemed to come out of nowhere.

Instead of women being a pacifying force for society they seem to do the opposite. Women approve of war at or above the same level of men. And one of the key signs for a coming war is a society's fascination with the killer mother archetype. If war is looming, watch for a movie about a mother who goes on a killing spree, ala Kill Bill. It will need to be popular as well so it is a reflection of the people's inner world. That's the thing about movies that make them significant. If one becomes popular it struck harmony with the zeitgeist in the populations psyche. The fact that Avatar is so popular is chilling. It's essentially a love letter to the noble savage, proclaiming his superiority over the western world and technology. It perfectly represents our suicidal nature, reflected in multiculturalism, reflected in the green movement. Kill yourself to save the planet.

The basic theory of the killer mother goes like this. At infancy the mother is at her most hormonal and has a predilection to murder the baby. This is so ingrained in infants that the child has developed defenses against this. Particularly in boys, this represents that the child is born into a warlike culture and must defend himself. Mothers, on average, spend more time holding and nurturing their female daughters. In the boy's mind he splits the mother into two parts. The good mother and the bad. The whore and the madonna. The fear a man can feel near a woman is when she activates the split part of the bad mother, driving him to homicidal rage, feeling the intense and helpless fear he did as an infant. The better the mother the less likely this will take place. Single mothers produce more violent children, probably because of this reason.

When the nation starts responding to killer mother images, it's war time. The men will sense this change and become hyper-aggressive, fear ridden, and near panic. When the internal pain of the world reaches a crescendo it's released into a deluge of external struggle.

People who adamantly deny wisdom in films and literature are fools. The inner world reflects the outer world and vice versa. There is always a lesson to learn for the mind willing to look.

One thing against a coming war is that the economy is bad. Contrary to what most believe, war flows out of prosperity as often as ruin if not more so. How else would we pay for it?

It's hard to see the communists in all this. Are they gone? Is it the most deceptive plot in history? I believe Lenin said that Communism may succeed by first appearing to fail completely only to emerge stronger than before. If a human being could have actually plotted this all out and kept it going than whoever that is would be smart enough to rule the world.

Revolutions are driven by two things. A corrupt, failing system and a superior system to replace it. Any port in the storm may lead us to communism or to the Islamification of the world. Consider how popular the Zeitgeist movies are. Also the mayan prophecy was very popular for a reason. Not that it was true but that it reflected people's angst over the current system. They were acknowledging the doom.

If things go well I believe the internet will reshape the world. Eventually, the internet will move into meatspace. This is where I get the idea of the city-state model of running things. Different groups united by their differences but operating their own autonomous governments. The model for this is the internet where varying communities exist peacefully. The Christians can have their state, the gays can have theirs. The two would be symbiotic in that whenever the Christian state made a gay they could send him out to the gay state. The feminists could have their state as well where they sit around admiring each other's vaginas and not breeding.

I'm not one for conspiracies though, marxist or otherwise. If the Frankfurt school has had much success I believe their meme has gone viral, it's self-sufficient and doesn't need any influence. However, that ignores the fact that Christianity is a religion which believes in the equality of all men's souls. When secularized this becomes the equality of all men...and women. We get the perfect egalitarian belief system. Anyone popping into a church today will see a reflection of our current society. It is totally female dominated but with a male figurehead praising women and blaming men for all wrong doing. Much like our current culture where the male figurehead known as president is a good scapegoat for our fem-centric culture ruled by female interest but run by men. Never underestimate the cunning of women.

I am more than familiar with conspiracy theory. I am a glutton for knowledge and I'm willing to consider any theory or philosophy before dismissing it. Knowledge is everywhere for those who look. I know everything they predict but I don't believe in the Illuminati as most of them do. I believe the Illuminati is a secret religion which has some misguided ideas, plans the overthrow of the Old World Order, to usher in a system known as meritocracy. What most people consider the Illuminati is the banking cartels, the old aristocracy. The Illuminati are smart but not that much. The government is smart but limited. They became too dogmatic. They believe in themselves and everything they write about. Their faith is unwavering and they're prideful. What they do they do the best but they can't cope with the change in technology and the failures of their ideas. They can't innovate.

I spent a lot of time at university. Only two of the professors ever impressed me, ever convinced me they had an intellect greater than the average. One was a Jewish philosophy professor who could talk about nearly any subject in depth. The other was the same but an English professor. Education doesn't impress me much. After reading a lot of about ability and intelligence I'm convinced that motivation is just as important.

There is some unknown quality in people that gives them a certain spark, a light, a fierceness to them that I can't really explain. They have a confidence in what they say. If I were a religious person I would say that these people are the only ones with a soul. I would never use Atlas as a metaphor since I believe the best example of humanity is in Sisyphus, an eternal load of work, struggle, with the reward being a brief moment of glory before starting over. Anyway, the idea of these soul children is ridiculous of course. But I can't help but notice these differences between people. I wonder if it has something to do with the Edenist theory of humanity.

As I pointed out, this isn't the fall of the Soviet Union. This is America, a country forged from bloody revolution which has turned the world based on their struggles. Whatever is decided in America will be echoed throughout the world. It's not the best country but it's the trend setter. America's fate will be the same as my own. I'm going down with the ship. But America also has guns. More of them than anywhere else, a willingness to use them, a population on prescription drugs known to cause psychosis,  as well as more multiculturalism than any other country in history. It's likely that when the lights go out people will divide up as they always have along lines of religion and ethnicity. But the biggest difference is the despair if America fails. There's nowhere left to turn. The Soviets could follow the western model. What does the West have to follow? Islam? That may even be worse.

Think about how many groups are ready to try and seize power in the United States. Black nationalism is the biggest hate group in America according to the SPLC. White nationals. Constitutionalists. Liberals. Christians. Muslims. The militias. The list goes on and on and I'll always miss someone.

That's the problem. There are too many variables to understand anything. Maybe technology will save us all and we'll hit the technological singularity before the collapse. Maybe not. One theory I have is that technology speeds up time. If we consider the ends and means of things. Ends being an emotional state, something we strive towards, a goal with emotional reward. Our end is to visit Paris in the spring. Two hundred years ago that could take months. Now technology has increased. We can visit there digitally in seconds or travel there in days. The means to the end have been decreased and so we experience a speeding up of time. Our goals are reached in a shorter time span. For the sake of this argument I use the definition of time being, the rate at which things change. When we measure time we look for change. Carbon dating is based on how much the carbon decays, therefore it changes. Something in stasis would be said to be outside of time, ala light. If time is speeding up  what does this mean for the singularity both the left and the technological one.

Curiosity has driven us to explore and there's nothing greater to explore than the future. If I knew what was going to happen I'd be rich but bored as well.


  1. If you're interested in the 'Killer Mother' meme then you might be interested in the work of Psycho-Historian Lloyd DeMause:

  2. I read his book. Thanks for the link.