Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Harry Reid Smarter than a 6th grader? The answer is no.

I can't believe how dumb this man is. How did he even fill out the forms to become a senator?

Let me break down what he's wrong about.

1. Tea Party is full of anarchists. False, it's full of conservatives and small government types.
2. He doesn't know what anarchy is. Anarchy is without violence, achieving goals through peaceful negotiation. If it's violent, it's not anarchy.
3. Government is good. Government being the monopoly on violence it can only be considered a moral good if violence is good. It's just as Schiff points out. At best government is a necessary evil.

Harry Reid has a degree from Utah State University in political science and history and yet displays no signs that he knows anything about politics and history.

Reid either got his job because the people are suicidal, a case I wouldn't argue heavily against. Or because it would be easy for the bankers to manipulate him. Most politicians are either evil or stupid. Reid is obviously the latter.

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