Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feminism or Capitalist?

How much are women worth?

I walked past the magazine rack and couldn't help but notice rows of fashion and celebrity magazines. I  crossed through the romance and self-help section. Women outnumbered the men in the bookstore. It's not an accident that everyone markets to the female identity.

After my jaunt through the bookstore I started thinking about women. Misandry is replete through society and while there's plenty of outright hatred of men, I'm not convinced that feminism can be solely blamed. Gynocentrism is so successful because it's economical. Pandering to women is profitable. For men, it's not so much.

Humans are social animals. Women even more than men. They live through the sisterhood, vicariously drawing strength or suffering, feeling outrage or triumphant, through others. In a consumer based society, where materialism and profits are worshiped as the most high God, this social drive, instead of being a benefit to women is a detriment. It allows markets to manipulate women's collective and status seeking tendencies for their own aims.

I bought a protein bar made for women. When I ate it I wondered if I was going to grow bitch tits. I looked through the ingredients but saw no special female formula. When women define the majority of markets it's obvious that men will be neglected. Women's products are everywhere. Many of these products aren't marketed to women for their utility. Women identity with women as women. Men don't. They'll purchase a man's razor blade but not because it fulfills any sense of masculine obligation. They buy it for utility or status elevation but marketing strictly to men as men has proven ineffective.

Feminism is not alone in the madhouse of modernity. The combination of feminism, capitalism, and democracy are to blame for this rotten fish. Democracy guarantees that women will be catered to by the politicians. Women are the majority but also identify as women and that collective mindset guarantees the vote seeking politician will make appeals to that collective.

The merger of state and feminist power is femi-fascism. The state's ceaseless quest for infinite power allows for the feminists to serve as useful puppets to expand and enact greater control over the citizenry. Just dress a bill up as for women and anyone who opposes it can be called bad names.

Many of the MRAs don't even seem aware of what they're opposing. It's not just feminism. Gynocentrism is fueled by women - feminist or not - and their collectivist mentality and their pocketbooks which are ever in flux. Women are good little consumers buying useless plastic junk made in China. No one is going to convince men to start spending on men's products. That's the point. Men and women are different.

Consider the alpha female of  a chimpanzee tribe. The females and males are ranked hierarchically in different ways. The males are determined alpha by their physical strength and dominant personality. The females are determined alpha by reproductive ability and their submission to dominance. While chimps don't relate at a 1:1 ratio to humans we can still draw some conclusions about our shared similarities.

When women look at celebrity magazines they're search for the alpha of females. They're looking for Jennifer Aniston and what she's doing. They're good little betas seeking out just how to relate to the world so they go and have their hair cut just like Jennifer, dress like her, and date guys like her. The girls on the cover of fashion and women's magazines are the alphas of modern western society. This is who women derive their sense of identity from, who they emulate and seek to become.

If men want their problems addressed than the best way to do it is to make it profitable. Make it profitable for markets to pander to men and their interests and they will. For decades though men have been willingly to quietly accept humiliation and insult without offering any protest. They haven't spoken with their pocketbooks or their voice. This is beginning to change though.

Labeling yourself a feminist is become less and less popular. The angry, fat feminist is chiche now. No woman wants that label. Popular culture and politics takes years or decades to catch up to the collective consciousness. While that time has definitely been shortened due to technology like the internet, it still takes a while for people to react. Men are beginning to protest. Things will catch up to the dominant cultural memes.

I don't support political activism because if it's effective it's because the state sees some benefit to itself in it. Meaning more taxes and state run institutions. I don't oppose MRAs but I do recognize the danger especially when so many men are desperate and will cling to "any port in  a storm." I don't want more government and more arms of the state springing up. I don't care if those arms have label's like the Men's Division. It's state involvement that causes the bulk of the problems because without the guns of the government the feminists would be nothing more than fat, loveless, spinsters that no one would would want to listen to.

However, the best way to get politicians to side with men will be tax revenue. Nothing motivates the state like a threat to the amount of money they can steal. Show the government a loss in revenue from ignoring men and there will be changes over night.

Nothing speaks like dollars.

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