Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Lockdown a Sign of Decline

There is a maxim I follow: there is always a different point of view. We can stand on the moon and still not see the entirety of the earth. There is always that dark corner obscured from our vision. There are many ways to see any single problem.

I bring that up because a lot people believe that the Boston lockdown is a sign of the new normal. They despair the coming of the police state. What many don't realize is that when brute force is utilized it is because coercion has failed.

In times of peace and stability laws tend to be unnecessary. People police themselves through shame and ostracism. When force is overtly used it's not a sign of a state's increasing power. It's a sign of their decline.

As much as I look down on public institutions most of them still seek to minimize overhead while increasing productivity. In the case of societal control, police on the streets with tanks and machine guns may seem like the state at the height of its power, but I see it a little differently. If the state could control people with the minimal amount of effort they would. This show of strenght is a huge waste of resources which .gov is speedily draining.

The state is showing it's hand now. It's showing to the people that they're not free. That the government is little more than a bunch of armed thugs. For every blog and news story that covers the lockdown a person's delusional belief in the sanctity of government begins to shatter.

The US can no longer keep people in check without guns and tanks anymore. Twenty years ago they could. It is the tyranny of illusion that is the most dangerous form of state power, a prison of the mind without the need for guns and bars is the most confining space.

.gov is losing their credibility as "legitimate" power. This is doubly true in a democracy which supposedly is a function of the will of the people. These are the times when the difference between the natural slave and the natural masters are revealed.

Previously in America, there was a system devised called the free markets which allowed for voluntary slavery. It is no coincidence that the corporate world is known as slave wages. While natural masters within a free market would gravitate toward the role of owner and capitalist the natural slave is most comfortable in a structure of rigid control and hierarchy where there role and value is firmly established. Now that the role of  master is all but eroded from economy for various reasons the dichotomy between slaves and masters is more transparent. The slaves are those who are comfortable with the encroaching police state, those willing to be pacified into servitude. The masters feel otherwise.

I liken this to be something other than a conscious choice. Often our behavior is not corroborative with our philosophy. Meaning, we say one thing and practice another. There is no better example of this divergence between spoken intention and obversely behavior than in women.  While saying they like nice men they never date nice men. While the average man makes declarations to his own sovereignty and proclaims the virtues of freedom, his behavior during times of distress prove otherwise.

Those who can be educated are educated. With ubiquitous access to the internet anyone not familiar with the dangers of government, the possibility of totalitarian slavery backed up by drone armies in the hands of a tiny elite, don't exist as ignorant because they have a lack of knowledge. What makes this an interesting time is how things will play out. History will be more accurate than ever. Where could you find a first hand account of a pleb in ancient Rome? Today they litter the internet.

What keeps me going is curiosity. What will you make of yourself humanity?


  1. White Feminist Woman at Georgetown University working in the admissions department openly admitted that she REJECTED white men's applications simply because they were WHITE MEN.

    Brief: A female advisor in the admissions department at Georgetown University has been caught openly admitting that she committed the CRIME of discrimination based on people's race and gender in the application process.

    This has the potential to create a large scale lawsuit against Georgetown University, and with the momentum building at the rate it is building, seems very likely that will be the outcome.

    Below are the main links to all of the information regarding this news story and case.

  2. I've read that story and have this to say about it. For every person that you catch doing a crime there are a hundred others who've gotten away with it. Make no doubts, there is a conspiracy of the Sisterhood out to destroy men. The female ego has run amok.

  3. I am glad you did an article on this, most people just accept what happened here. When it is a total joke, just for a police state.