Saturday, August 17, 2013

Empower Men

The best way to empower men is stop praising them for getting laid. Stop offering your friends validation for having sex. It's not an accomplishment. Running an ironman race is an accomplishment. Rebuilding a 67' mustang is an accomplishment. Winning Gladiator in WoW is an accomplishment. Rutting in the age of secularized mutual masturbation is nothing to brag about.

If you're seeking validation from sex you're not seeking sex. How many men right now would not care too much about sex if they didn't get congratulatory high fives from their friends? How many PUA forums would dry up if it weren't for all of the men posting lay reports. Ask yourself this, are you interested in the sex or the validation from your friends more?

Validating this behavior is what gives women so much power because they control sex absolutely or close enough. Then when a man wants some approval, some attention, he knows he'll get it twice. Once from the woman which is bad enough but another time from the men. I bet there will be less men willing to sleep with less than worthwhile women without the conciliatory high fiving that often comes from it.

I'm not saying to shame men. They don't need that. Leave men alone. But treat sex like a chimichanga. It's not even a steak dinner with a sweet potato and brown sugar. It's just a taco stand grade chimichanga that you picked up after your workout. No big deal.

More importantly though offer men validation and approval for things that actually matter. Things that don't involve kissing a woman's ass or giving her any underserved attention. For god sakes stop shaming men who don't get laid. It doesn't make you superior no matter what Roosh thinks. Sex has become a handshake now. We've taken on the mold of masturbating bonobos. Sticking your dick into a soulless woman's hole is as validating to your manhood as taking a shower in the morning. Treat it as such.


  1. Uh, the Mustang was introduced in late 1964.

  2. Agreed. Virgin shaming is for those who consider sex a source of social power, validation, and a connection with their peers.
    Cease this. Sex is not any of these.

    Sex is cheap to most, but not all. I've had a single sex partner in my life...a FwB...and we've had this arrangement for 8 years. It's fucking great, and the sex is like having a 4 course meal every week.

    The point is to find a partner who wants to please you just as much as you want to please them.