Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Should Women Vote

Should women vote? I don’t like the question mainly because I’m uncertain about democracy. It seems impossible to contain the electorate. Originally, women could vote if they were considered heads of house but that generally fell on a man. The intent was that only those who contributed to the republic would have a say in how it was run. It worked at the time but lawmakers need jobs and they constantly reform lest they be put out of business. Eventually, groups lobbied for expansion of the electorate to include everyone natural born. There was never really any need to discriminate against women with the vote.

But voting was a terrible idea anyway. First, because it politicizes people who should not be concerned with politics. Prior to democracy no one cared about issues. The issues of the day were the things that mattered. Did I have a job. Was there food available to eat. The banality of gay marriage would have no place in the majority. If the answer to the former questions was a no then the people voted with pitchforks and guillotines and replaced their leaders by force. It offered real consequences to the leaders because if they screwed up their heads rolled. Now the elite wield the vote like a cudgel to legitimize their rule. They can deflect the blame if the president miscalculates something because he was the chosen elect of the people. It’s the people’s fault for voting for a moron. Third, democracy politicizes the family when the family should be united. Their survival should be paramount and linked symbiotically to each other. By the division created along political issues it furthers the dividing line between woman and man who are naturally going to hold differing political opinions and creates animosity where union is needed.

Besides which, opposing female suffrage directly is too radical a notion for too little gain. It demonizes the manosphere et al further and offers fuel to our opponents to ignore everything else they might be willing to listen to otherwise. Only a small percent of feminists are truly man hating. The others are just following their lead. They’re going along to get along and many would be willing to listen to a new way of life if one was presented. The problem is that there isn’t another paradigm offered. There is the feminist woman and nothing else.

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