Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Family is Dead. Cui Bono?

Single parents are a bane on society as all evidence dictates. A large portion of mate selection in females is determined by financial success of the male. There is a direct correlation between a depression and a decrease in marriage and an increase in divorce. The basis of mate selection is hypergamy. To reject hypergamy is a total rejection of the red pill.

To assume that a woman becomes dependent on a man because she doesn't have a career is to denigrate the role of mother and elevate the role of provider. Instead it's best to view traditional family roles as interdependent where each provides to the best of their ability for the other. The wife rears and fosters children and the husband provides and protects those children.

There is no need for forced gender roles. They occur naturally. Propaganda is used only to enforce the unnatural. There is no need to try and convince teenagers to have sex, for example. They do it naturally. Feminism is the propaganda which has elevated the role of provider to the stratosphere and relegated the role of nurturer to a derogatory term.

My thoughts on how to run a society in modernity is to bring a sort of soft segregation where women are encouraged to be wives and mothers but in their free time they could work for charity organizations.
The problem with integration is that men and women compete against each other and then see one another as the enemy instead of how they truly are, complementary pairs who work in unison.

Men need male spaces to compete against each other. They don't want to compete against women as their is nothing to gain from it. Once an area becomes feminized there is "male flight" from that sphere, see education and psychology.

The problem is that modern technology has decreased the amount of time spent on housework. No one wants to be bored. By giving women their own space, their own goals, and "hunting grounds" in non-profit work they can contribute, be occupied, and know that they're helping their communities. This also solves problems such as sexual harassment and gender quotas. Diversity doesn't benefit anyone but those who profit from division.

Not too long ago, in the time before social security, there was this thing called family. It was social security. The older generations knew that if they screwed up raising their children they would pay for it in their elder years because the young would be the ones who protected and provided for the old. But they have social security. The disconnect between the young and the old is just as great and important as the disconnect between men and women.

The thing about marriage is the same thing about family. When the old were dependent on the young for their survival they made families work. When women and men were dependent on each other they made marriage work. Strong bonds were formed, strong families, and strong nations. Now everyone is independent and isolated, weak and easily controlled.

Cui bono?


  1. No one benefits. Something like the Joker and those who "just want to see the world burn". The devil does not benefit from increasing the population of hell, but works hard at it.

    Of the seven cardinal sins, Envy is the only one that gives no pleasure. It doesn't want the other to have or to enjoy something so will destroy themselves, the other, and/or the target of enjoyment if it will prevent it.

    Feminism is a negative. Women envied men, so destroyed the world so everyone is miserable and turned into a culture of death.

    Women do not have to be bored. Mothers (it is mother's day today) can homeschool their children, making everyone proud, and the children successful and capable. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, but instead they prefer to insure their children will be daughters and sons of anarchy.

  2. Initially, the state benefited. But like so many state run programs, generational decay remains a reality.