Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Fap Report Day 1

So after watching this video and exploring the fapstronaut reddit I've decided to take the plunge. I figure I have nothing else to lose. Not only am I giving up internet porn but also masturbation. I'm going to use this blog as a way to record my success and the results.

Some things that I'm hoping will improve.

1. Sleep - my sleep schedule has ruined my life. And by sleep schedule I mean no schedule because I wake up and fall asleep at different times. I've tried to reign this in for decades with drugs, alarm clocks, meditation. The problem is the same. It takes me 2-3 hours to wake up every day and it takes nearly as long to fall asleep.

2. Anxiety - I'm anxiety prone, nervous, and usually this happens for little or no reason.

3. Focus - this has become a greater problem lately. My focus is terrible. I used to read several books a week. Now I can't read a book at all. It doesn't interest me. In fact, I have very few interests anymore. I struggle to watch most movies because my mind just soars off somewhere else and I lose the plot.

Day 1 is going well and strong. No overt urges. After reading the reddit for awhile it seems like a the first week is the hardest. They refer to withdrawal symptoms and the fact that you'll feel worse the first few days out. But I've been through hard withdrawals before so I know the great secret of suffering is this: endure, endure, endure with the knowledge that this too shall pass.

So let my journey into the Fapless Zone commence.


  1. Started this back in September. The first week or so will be rough, but like all habits, the more you no-fap, the better you'll get at it (and a lot less stressful.)

    Give em hell, man

  2. Thanks. It's not been too bad so far. I have more energy and I feel more stable already. Six days in.